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Edward Malinowski Biography
Edward Malinkowski

Edward Malinowski

CIO, Great Wolf Resorts

Prior to joining Shangri-La. His previous work experience encompassed enterprise IT roles within IBM and Hyatt Hotels, and information security positions including the National Security Manager of Network Associates and Chief Security Officer for the American Bar Association.
As comfortable discussing infrastructure and development methodologies as he is seeking operational efficiencies and setting strategic direction, Edward's hands-on style is as unconventional as his background. He holds a degree in chemistry from Bradley University and started his occupational life in a laboratory rather than in a server room or behind a hotel front desk. This uncommon source serves as the fount for his passion – he views technology as the great equalizer, a field where anyoLaurne armed with determination and a good idea can change the world, and believes that the most successful organizations in the coming decades will be the ones that realize technology no longer merely enables their business, it actively drives it.