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Speaking Opportunities

To register your interest in speaking at an HTNG event, please submit your information in the form below.

If your company is a technology provider to the hospitality industry, please note that the vast majority of the proposals we receive from technology providers do not fit our noncommercial format. To maximize your proposal's consideration, please ensure that your proposal complies with as many of the following guidelines as possible:

  • Propose a speaker who is a recognized expert in a technical arena, and whose job function is (or has been) primarily technical rather than sales/marketing.
  • If possible, consider proposing that one of your hotelier customers speak, rather than or in addition to an employee.
  • Propose a subject matter related to a core technology, a technology issue, or the use of technology.
  • Be prepared to participate on a panel with other, possibly competing vendors.
  • Do not propose a subject related to the products, services, innovative capabilities, or other aspects of your company.
  • Be specific about your speaker. We will not consider proposals that do not specifically identify the speaker. If you have two or more qualified speakers, please submit separate forms for each speaker.
  • Provide solid evidence of your speaker's public speaking history, in the form of references, copies of presentations, etc.

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