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Retired Workgroups

Once the solution and any supporting specifications are stable, maintenance workgroups are formally retired.  They no longer meet, and oversight of any specifications is transferred to the Forum. The workgroup can still be re-chartered if future needs arise. Minor maintenance issues may be handled by ad hoc committees appointed by the Forum chairs, or the workgroup can be reactivated as a maintenance workgroup for larger issues.

Architecture Describes an architecture that supports the HTNG vision; provides guidance and direction to software vendors and hospitality companies in choosing and designing applications.
Back Office Integration Standardized the handoff of financial data from PMSs and POSs to back-office systems and created a travel agent commissions specification.
Customer Profile Standardized the definition of customer profile, making data exchange easier, less expensive, and less time-consuming.  Standardized hand-off of information regarding loyalty programs and points/miles between and among CRM systems, CRS/PMS systems, and loyalty management systems.

Digital Signage

Standardized the interface between catering and event management systems and digital signage systems.

Distribution Content Management

Standardized the exchange of descriptive and illustrative content among hotels, content management systems, and distribution systems.
Folio Detail Exchange Standardized the extraction of folio line-item detail from PMSs, for use by VAT recovery, loyalty, expense reporting, and analytical programs.

Food & Beverage Ordering

Standardized the exchange of menu and order information between a Point-of-Sale System and a system managing a user interface (e.g. on a TV, tablet, or website) through which a guest can order food & beverage.

Future Looking

Produced a white paper in 2005 regarding the future of guest room technology.
Guest & Room Status Messaging Standardized interaction between PMSs and guest room devices, including provisioning and customization instructions, acknowledgement of correct provisioning, and de-provisioning.

Guest Self-Service

Standardized interfaces between hotel-based systems, such as PMS and POS, and guest-facing devices and systems (such as kiosks, TVs, and the web), to enable guests to book activities within the hotel, such as spa, dining, or golf.

Hosted Entertainment Content Delivery Solutions

Identified the technical challenges for hotels to deploy entertainment systems in a hosted model, with little or no on-premises equipment.

Hosted Payment Capture Systems Designed solutions and standards for hosted capturing and processing of credit-card information, with secure application of the payment information back to hotelier systems.

Identity Compliance Service

Attempted to addressed management of user rights across multiple systems.  This workgroup did not produce meaningful deliverables and was subsequently disbanded.

Kiosk Integration

Standardized interfaces for self check-in and check-out functionality between kiosks (and other self-service devices) and property management systems.

Open Data Exchange

Developed a standardized approach for the exchange of unstructured data between systems and generic data "push" and "pull" models.
Payment Systems & Data Security Standardized secure processing for credit-card transactions between hotel systems and payment processing gateways, using a secure data proxy (tokenization) approach.
Property Web Services Developed a set of Web Services designed to promote interoperability and information exchange among systems that service the needs of hotel properties.
Protocol & Message Transport Provides the “plumbing” layer of connectivity for all HTNG messages, known as the HTNG Web Services Framework (WSF), which enables two systems to reliably exchange any XML messages (HTNG or proprietary), vastly simplifying the implementation of interfaces.  Includes a publish-and-subscribe eventing model.
Reference Architecture Created reference architectures for the hospitality industry including business, application, and data architectures.

Single Guest Itinerary

Standardized the synchronization of customer profiles, itineraries, and folio posting across PMS and activity systems, to provide a cooperative experience for hotel guests, as well as for staff working with disparate systems such as Property Management, Spa, Golf, Concierge, Dining, Ski, and other activity systems.

Voice Communication Solutions

Developed a specification for an IP PBX and hospitality SIP handset.
*Some efforts listed here were never formally chartered as workgroups, but operated as teams within larger workgroups that were subsequently split up.