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HTNG in the News 17
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Tech upgrade: What hoteliers are eyeing for 2018

By Bryan Wroten, HotelNewsNow

DECEMBER 6 2017 - To remain relevant with guests and predict their traveling needs, hoteliers are watching new developments in technology to see how consumers use them, as well as how new devices, software and services could be best implemented on property. Hoteliers know they walk a fine line between "leading edge" technology and "bleeding edge," constantly evaluating whether a new development would be a good investment that would improve the guest experience as well as generate a return.

The Future of the In-Stay Experience

By Sarah McCay Tams, EyeforTravel

From the moment a hotel takes a guest's booking they have an unrivalled marketing opportunity. The guest is theirs to build a relationship with and a growing wealth of technological solutions are springing up to handle this before, during, and after the stay. Through smarter properties and systems, hotels can build up complex guest profiles that can be used to improve almost every aspect of property performance and therefore the guest's experience.

The open truth about APIs

By Armand Rabinowitz, HTNG

NOVEMBER 9 2017 - The hotel industry has been dealing with interfaces ever since there was more than one technology solution required to run a hotel. Even before applications could talk to each other through software and hardware, humans were the interface. If you think about all of the double entries and siloed processes we tolerated decades ago, you can agree our industry has come a long way. Today, every industry that touches technology leverages some sort of an API. The API has been around since the turn of the millennium and marked a milestone when Salesforce launched its XML-based Web API in 2000. So, what is so special about an 18-year old technology that it is given its own life in this article?

Integration Issues Continue to Challenge the Industry

By The National Multifamily Housing Council

NOVEMBER 2 2017 - With $2.5 billion in venture capital funding dedicated to commercial real estate technology investments, apartment experts are preparing for a wave of new solutions for apartment operators in the next 18 to 24 months. To capitalize on all that innovation, it's critical for the industry to solve what industry insiders call the "integration obstacle."

Reducing Standards Duplication with Industry Collaboration

By Emily Wilson, HTNG

OCTOBER 9 2017 - The HTNG Next Generation Distribution Messaging (NGDM) Workgroup's Recommendations document demonstrates how working together to simplify messaging can serve great value to the hospitality industry. It is critical to be up-to-date with the latest trends to provide guests with positive and familiar experiences. Personalization and tailored content strongly drive the guest's experience. Distribution messaging standards seek to build upon guest data already collected and then distribute that information and customize it to the guest.

How Krack puts hotel Wi-Fi security at risk

By Sean McCracken, HotelNewsNow

NOVEMBER 8 2017 - A newly discovered vulnerability in Wi-Fi security could be hugely problematic for both hoteliers and guests, and action must be taken to mitigate the risks, sources said. A widely used Wi-Fi security standard long thought to be safe and secure was recently proven to be neither, and experts are now warning that both businesses and consumers need to respond as quickly as they can to protect themselves from possible security threats.

5 things to know about AI's potential in hotels

By Sean McCracken, HotelNewsNow

OCTOBER 5 2017 - Ajay Aluri, a professor of hospitality and tourism management at West Virginia University, said he hopes to prove the potential of artificial intelligence in the hotel industry. Artificial intelligence is no longer just the stuff of science fiction and speculation. Various applications of the technology - both business-oriented and consumer-facing - now exist, and one expert said it's time for the hotel industry to take stock of AI's potential.

HTNG: Developer, politician argue for tech investment

By Sean McCracken, HotelNewsNow

SEPTEMBER 27 2017 - Sinclair Holdings President Farukh Aslam and former Virginia Governor George Allen share why they believe hoteliers should be spending money on improving technology. Farukh Aslam, president of Sinclair Holdings, acknowledged that he's in a relatively unique position as both an owner and developer of hotel properties and is someone who advocates for greater focus and investment on technology at hotels.

The Definitive Guide to Hotel Blockchain Technology

By Ed Watkins, Contributing Editor for Duetto Research

SEPTEMBER 22 2017 - In the past few months, blockchain technology has become the new buzzword in hotel technology. Nearly every day, the travel technology press publishes a story touting the coming wave of innovation in this space, and how blockchains might be at the crux of that for the travel industry. Despite the hype, it is clear that blockchain and distributed ledger technologies are not fully matured. As a result, we are not quite at the point of widespread adoption just yet.

Top Minds in Hospitality Offer Insight

By Emily Wilson, HTNG

SEPTEMBER 11 2017 - Collaboration is a critical component in business development. For 15 years, HTNG has proudly played a significant role in creating networking and partnership opportunities to help its members thrive in the hospitality industry. Last year, HTNG announced a new program, Platinum Plus, that serves as an optional, add-on to HTNG's existing Platinum membership tier.

2017 Innovation Report

By Michal Christine Escobar, HT Magazine

SEPTEMBER 11 2017 - Technology is mission critical for all businesses and hospitality is seeing how important innovation strategies are in order to remain competitive in an increasingly crowded field. Hospitality Technology research reveals that the majority of hotels (57%) and restaurants (58%) plan to spend more on technology in 2017. While promising, restaurants and hotels must face the reality that innovation is advancing at a pace of change unlike anything seen before. Tech that impressed a year ago, may already seem antiquated.

How new technology can fit into today's hotel industry

By HotelNewsNow

SEPTEMBER 6 2017 - Technology is advancing all the time, and it's proven a challenge for the hotel industry at large to keep up with each new development and innovation. A panel of technology experts during the "Tech talks: Emerging innovations" session at the 2017 Hotel Data Conference discussed the usefulness of various new and reimagined technologies available to the hotel industry today.

HTNG - The Next Generation

By Emily Wilson, HTNG

AUGUST 9 2017 - This summer, the industry association known as HTNG (Hotel Technology Next Generation) turns fifteen years old. With its founding mission that states, "To foster, through collaboration and partnership, the development of next-generation solutions that will enable hoteliers and their technology vendors to do business globally in the 21st century," the organization has excelled at providing the hotel industry just what the mantra promises. Now, HTNG is celebrating not only a decade and a half of serving the hotel industry, but a growing expansion throughout the entire hospitality vertical.

Hotels need to optimize mobile offerings

By Esther Hertzfeld, Hotel Management

AUGUST 1 2017 - Mobile devices have made it easier for people to be online and connect with most everything they desire. As people get more comfortable using mobile, they rely on it for things they used to do only on their desktop computers.

Giving Voice to the Industry: Command or question, automation is here to help

By Nicole Carlino, Hotel Business

JUNE 21 2017 - It's a scene we're all familiar with: You exit a hotel elevator, toting a laptop bag and a suitcase, with, perhaps, a coffee in hand or a mobile phone, ready to use the property's keyless entry system. As you enter the room, dropping your things off on the nearest bed or desk, you search for a light switch and the thermostat, as the room's default setting is much too warm for your liking. Sometimes it's easy to find and sometimes it's not. Wouldn't it be easier to just tell the room to turn on the lights and switch the air conditioner on to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, while you get down to the business of charging your almost-dead devices and hanging up your clothes? And maybe you could even tell the room to turn the TV on to ESPN (no need to figure out what channel that is in this area of the world) and order you a salad from room service?

Occupancy Sensing Improves Hospitality

By Jesse DePinto, Telkonet & Katherina Sutter, MarkIntel

JUNE 15 2017 - The hospitality industry is embracing energy management as a way to compete and ultimately deliver the best value to their customers. Meanwhile, the balance between guest comfort and operational efficiency is becoming more challenging than ever before. Hotels are understanding that it's impossible to obtain significant energy savings and an enhanced guest experience without accurately detecting occupancy in the guest room. A comprehensive occupancy sensing strategy is necessary to realize the full benefits of an energy management system.

The Frictionless Future for Hotels

By Michal Christine Escobar, HT Magazine

JUNE 12 2017 - In April of 2016, Hospitality Technology magazine and Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) announced that they would combine HT's Hotel Technology Forum (HTF) and HTNG North America to create a new event called HT-NEXT. With the theme: "Be Frictionless," the conference took place April 10-13 in Orlando, Fla. at the Rosen Shingle Creek. The event drew hotelier attendance that was a 150% increase more than each event alone. This recap offers an overview of agenda highlights, speaker insights and sponsor thoughts on top trends and technologies.

HTNG Checks In: Unlocking Better Door Lock Security

By: Lisa Terry, Best Tech Writer

JUNE 12 2017 - This past January, the 111-year-old Romantik Seehotel Jaegerwirt hotel in Austria was hit with a crisis: Hackers had mounted their third attack on the hotel, this one on the door lock system, commanding $1,600 in bitcoins to relinquish control back to hotel management. With the property fully booked, the impact to guest experience was deemed to be too great, so the hotelier opted to comply and pay the ransom.

Remove Friction from the Hotel Booking Process

By: Lisa Terry, Best Tech Writer

JUNE 7 2017 - In part one of this two-part series, HT discussed how hoteliers are often confronted with problems that prevent the booking process from being frictionless. For instance, a one-size-fits-all, cumbersome direct booking experience and the loss of bookings and fees to OTAs and other channels. But these aren't the only issues to affect hoteliers. In part two of this series, HT will discuss four more impediments and their solutions.

HTNG Checks In: HTNG's Vendor Advisory Council 2.0

By: Lisa Terry, Best Tech Writer

MAY 11 2017 - Collaboration has always been the focus for HTNG, with hoteliers and vendors working side by side in workgroups and at events. Together, their efforts help hoteliers to better leverage technology to serve their guests all over the world.

HTF + HTNG = One great conference!

By: Mike Ryan, Merchant Link

MAY 4 2017 - Mike Ryan: The Hotel Technology Forum was one of the first events I attended when I entered the lodging space. The HTF team has always put on a great conference with excellent educational opportunities in a much more intimate setting than other conferences. Similarly, HTNG has always done a fantastic job with its conferences providing incredible opportunities for peer-to-peer collaboration. Last month the two organizations came together for the first time in Orlando for HT-NEXT.

Hotels struggle with how much bandwidth is enough

By: Esther Hertzfeld, Hotel Management

MAY 1 2017 - Bandwidth, bandwidth, bandwidth. There is never enough. Since guests travel with multiple devices, hotels are having trouble keeping up with the rising bandwidth needs. With large hotels that need to cover public and outdoor spaces as well as conferences areas to medium and boutique hotels, Wi-Fi has become essential.

HTNG Checks In: 4 Ways to Clear Tech Hurdles

By: Lisa Terry, Best Tech Writer

APRIL 11 2017 - Delivering a seamless, personalized experience requires the elegant behind-the-scenes orchestration of many different technologies. This is far from easy - or inexpensive. HTNG has just chartered four new workgroups aimed at reducing the time, cost and other obstacles standing between hoteliers and ideal brand experiences. All workgroups are now welcoming industry participants.

An overview of new tech trends in hospitality

By: Bryan Wroten, HotelNewsNow

APRIL 4 2017 - Each passing day potentially brings about new innovation, and hoteliers must keep up with this pace of development, evaluating whether a new piece of technology will help their business or simply fizzle out. Hotel News Now reached out to hospitality tech experts to find out what trends they’re watching closely—from new devices to new ways to use existing tech.

HTNG Checks In: HTNG North America + HTF = HT-NEXT

By: Lisa Terry, Best Tech Writer

MARCH 3 2017 - Attending the hotel tech industry's top trade shows is a must to stay on top of rapid changes in hotel technology. But traveling to all those shows can be tough. HTNG and Hospitality Technology are fixing that by merging two shows into one mega-event resulting in more content, less travel. HT-NEXT is the blending of HTNG's North American Conference and HT's Hotel Technology Forum. Taking place April 10-13 in Orlando, Fla., HT-NEXT will draw from the best of each of the events and add some new features as well.

HTNG Checks In: Collaboration Key to Better Tech

By: Lisa Terry, Best Tech Writer

FEBRUARY 15 2017 - The core concept of HTNG is to gather the industry's best minds to devise the strongest possible solution to a shared technology challenge. Current trends such as industry consolidation, digital transformation and heightened security risks make that mission critical, driving HTNG leadership to align with other industry groups. In 2017, HTNG will embark on several initiatives to develop a more collaborative and informed group of CMOs, CDOs, CIOs and hoteliers.

Making the Switch: Converting a Copper Network to Fiber in Six Steps - Part 1

By: Michal Christine Escobar, HT Magazine

FEBRUARY 8 2017 - When hoteliers discuss the idea of installing "fiber optic cabling," they likely have one of two reactions: complete aversion or total acceptance. Like any other technology, fiber does have its pros and cons. However, many hoteliers might be interested to learn that the most common concerns about fiber have been addressed in recent years, making it a viable alternative to copper cabling.

Hotel technology under the spotlight at HTNG conference

By: Patrick Ryan, Hotel News Middle East

JANUARY 26 2017 - There was a glimpse into the future use of technology at the Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) Conference 2017 in Dubai on Wednesday, 25 January. Hotel News ME caught up with CEO Michael Blake at the event in Dubai's Ritz Carlton Hotel.

HT-NEXT Awards Program to Honor Visionary Hotel Companies & Innovative Products

By: HT Magazine

JANUARY 10 2017 - Hospitality Technology (HT) magazine and HTNG are pleased to announce that nominations are open for the HT-NEXT Awards Program including both the 2017 Hotel Visionary Awards and the HTNG TechOvation Award. The Awards Program, sponsored by Datatrend Technologies, will take place at HT-NEXT on April 11, 2017.

The top 5 tech trends for 2017

By: Esther Hertzfeld, Hotel Management

JANUARY 3 2017 - HOTEL MANAGEMENT interviewed Michael Blake, CEO of Hotel Technology Next Generation, about the technology trends that are coming down the pipeline. Here's what he thinks will take a starring role in 2017.

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