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HTNG in the News 2015 and Prior
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Ten to Watch Goes Beyond People

By: Hotel Business

DECEMBER 15 2015 - If the U.S. Post Office has done its job, you're reading this just before leaving for the holiday break. It's hard to believe another year has passed. By all accounts, 2015 was a great year for the hospitality industry. It's not necessary for me to run down all of the performance numbers; we are all familiar with them. I have talked to others, and most agreed this was the first year in a while it felt as if you were able to take a breath. By no means am I saying there was any time to take your eye off the ball; however, there was enough confidence throughout the industry that you felt as if business was going to get done. Best yet, all indications are pointing towards next year being similar to last.

How to manage virtual payment cards at hotels

By: Bryan Wroten, HotelNewsNow

NOVEMBER 11 2015 - As credit card data breaches continually make the news, businesses have looked for more secure methods for transactions. Virtual payment cards, which operate similarly to traditional credit cards, have proven a reliable option. However, they also have created some headaches when the very aspects that make them safe hold up a guest trying to check in.

Hotel Data Security: What You Need to Know

By: Hotel Business

SEPTEMBER 30 2015 - Widely publicized data security breaches are serving as catalysts for change in the way hotels handle guests' private information. Indeed, the most recent example could come from Hilton Worldwide, which is reportedly investigating a possible data breach. As significant risks to brand reputations mount, protecting consumer details and combatting fraud is becoming an even greater priority.

Hotel bandwidth issues grow with guest demand

By: Sean McCracken, HotelNewsNow

SEPTEMBER 9 2015 - When consumers talk about with hotel Wi-Fi, the experiences they share are rarely positive ones. Hoteliers face many obstacles when attempting to offer guests blazing Internet speeds, not the least of which is the fact that guests tend to all want to use it at the same time, putting pressure on the bandwidth coming into the property along with the wireless networks that support laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Mobile as an efficiency tool for hotel staff

By: TH Writing, TecnoHotel

SEPTEMBER 7 2015 - Hotels and providers are realizing that hotel staff can order different services to their customers via mobile devices, either on their own or with a hotel-owned device, which often leads to greater customer satisfaction. guests. "Staff can handle all operations seamlessly, no longer need to be near a computer or have a piece of paper handy," said Douglas Rice, vice president and CEO of Hotel Technology Next Generation.

More with Michael Blake

By: Nicole Carlino, Hotel Business

JUNE 7 2015 - A shift at the executive level of Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) has left Michael Blake taking up the mantle as the organization's EVP and CEO. The executive will officially assume the CEO title on Aug. 1, when Douglas Rice retires. Rice, a founder of the organization in 2002, was its first permanent staff executive, and grew HTNG from a grassroots startup to its current position as a trade organization that serves hospitality technology globally. HTNG is a not-for-profit trade organization that fosters, through collaboration and partnership among hoteliers and technology providers, the development of next-generation solutions.

New app creates pop-up social networks at hotels

By: Charisse Jones, USA TODAY

JANUARY 25 2015 - Business travel can be a lonely routine, shuttling from hotel to hotel in places where you may not know a soul. The smartphone in your pocket could be the ticket to a more social experience. Enter LobbyFriend, an app that for the length of a hotel stay will enable users to get information on events near and at the property, as well as send messages to other guests.

Simplifying hotel operations with cloud-based PMS

By: Adam Leposa, Hotel Management

NOVEMBER 12 2014 - Charlestowne Hotels has three hotels on the same web-based PMS, with a fourth one under construction. Cloud-based property management systems can not only simplify hotel operations for hoteliers but save quite a bit in infrastructure hardware and maintenance costs, as well.

Managing the Property from Above

By: Dorothy Creamer, HT Magazine

OCTOBER 15 2014 - The term cloud has become an industry buzzword over the past few years, but in reality it's a concept that has been around for much longer. Housing immense amounts of data on property has become cumbersome and despite persisting concerns about security, research has shown that CIOs and other senior-level IT leaders are moving an increasing percentage of their organizational information into the cloud. Many of these executives are making growing use of private cloud and software-as-a-service (Saas) delivery models.

Migrating hotel systems to cloud new focus for HTNG

By: Ann Bagel Storck, Hotels Mag

JULY 29 2014 - Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) announced a new effort that will generate resources to guide hoteliers and vendors who are moving technology systems above property. This collaborative effort among hoteliers and vendors, most of whom have real-life experience migrating to the cloud, will provide guidelines to benefit hotels, hotel brands, application providers, cloud service providers and others, according to HTNG.

PMS: Integration and standards

By: Adam Leposa, Hotel Management

APRIL 20 2014 - Messaging standards play an important role in connecting a hotel's property management system to other systems on the property. Hotel Management spoke with experts from around the industry to discover how suppliers work to integrate the guest experience.

How to better protect your guests' data

By: Jason Q. Freed, HotelNewsNow

FEBRUARY 14 2014 - While cyber criminals continue to target the hotel industry, sources say there are complex initiatives underway to protect customer data, and hoteliers who lag behind risk exposure. Hotel owners and operators who take only the minimal steps to secure data stored onsite are typically either unaware of the potential consequences or unwilling to invest the capital required to implement true security, sources said.

Hotels honored for tech solutions

By: Ann Bagel Storck

NOVEMBER 26 2013 - Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) has recognized two hotel companies - Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts and Hotel Lugano Dante Center - with its EMEA Technology Innovators Award for the creative and innovative application of existing technology within their hotels.

Tech standards can hinder development

By: Shawn Turner, HotelNewsNow

OCTOBER 3 2013 - There's a laundry list of challenges that go along with global hotel development, but poor planning and syncing a property's technology to the country's technology standards are near the top of that list, sources report. "It's a much bigger challenge than people realize," said Dwayne Miller, CEO of JBA Consulting Engineers. Technology consultants aren't called in until a hotel project - and generally a large global project takes about four years to complete - is a year away from opening, said Douglas Rice, executive VP and CEO of Hotel Technology Next Generation, a global non-profit hotel technology trade association. Given that technology standards can vary wildly across the globe, getting the technology right before opening can be a challenge, he said.

Smart Guestroom Locks Becoming Standard

By: Dorothy Creamer, HT Magazine

SEPTEMBER 6 2013 - Locking and security technology can often seem - fittingly - like a revolving door. Just when a particular advancement seems poised to be the next big thing, some other development springboards onto the scene rendering the former antiquated. This is not relegated just to hospitality technology; many a modern convenience has fallen prey to the allure of a later and greater discovery.

Technology Pulse: A roundup of digital news

By: HNN editorial staff, HotelNewsNow

JULY 11 2013 - Tablets lead in hotel website traffic. Mobile traffic is becoming increasingly significant for the travel industry, and hotels in particular, according to a recent eMarketer reportGoogle predicted that U.S. hotel searches would be up 24% in 2013 overall, but that includes a 68% uptick in searches from mobile devices against a 4% decrease in desktop queries. Searches from tablets, in particular, were expected to increase by 180%.

Hotel Technology Next Generation's (HTNG) 2013 North American Conference and Members' Meetings Wrapup

By: Hospitality Upgrade

MARCH 7 2013 - This year, our team at Hospitality Upgrade was pleased to learn that HTNG's annual conference would be held at the Westin Buckhead in our hometown and headquarters of Atlanta, Ga. Not only was the location convenient to our offices, but we enjoyed the opportunity to share our knowledge of the city. Having location in our favor, our team took this opportunity to capture the welcome night's cocktail reception for our spring issue and by interviewing the attendees about their experiences at the conference and asking them what is new in the hotel technology industry. We would like to extend a big thank you to the executive vice president and CEO of HTNG, Douglas Rice, for inviting our team to attend this event.

HTNG quietly solving industry's problems

By: Jason Q. Freed, HotelNewsNow

MARCH 6 2013 - In life, there are people who talk the talk, and there are people who walk the walk. Heading into my sixth year writing hotel news, I’ve met and interviewed plenty of the former. Brand executives who know exactly what the consumer wants, owners who can turn around profits in a heartbeat, developers with grandiose expansion plans, lenders who are ready to get you the best terms and vendors who can provide returns beyond belief. Last week at the Westin in Buckhead just outside Atlanta, I met the latter. A group of hoteliers who don’t talk a big game. Most of them were camera shy, a handful declined interviews and those who did speak with me were soft spoken.

Outsiders dissect, scrutinize new PCI standard

By: HotelNewsNow

FEBRUARY 28 2013 - For nearly half a decade the hotel industry has been debating how to best protect itself from credit card hackers and secure guests’ personal information. For nearly half a decade the hotel technology trade association known as Hotel Technology Next Generation has been working on a solution where all hotels can adopt the same standard to reach that goal. On Wednesday, the group announced at its annual North America conference in Atlanta a framework that hotels can adopt to ensure their guests’ credit card information remains in safe hands.

HTNG launches less expensive PCI compliance option

By: Nathan Greenhalgh, Hotels Mag

FEBRUARY 27 2013 - Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) announced on Wednesday the availability of the HTNG Secure Payments Framework for Hospitality, a collaborative effort of over a dozen HTNG members. HTNG is calling the framework a viable, cost-effective approach to credit card security by ensuring that no hotel system would ever need to process, store, or transmit payment card data.

Smartphones on Track to Become Room Control Devices

By: Tammy Mastroberte, HT Magazine

DECEMBER 11 2012 - As smartphones and tablets continue to infiltrate the consumer market, the probability of someone not having one of these devices is slimming. Even those who have yet to purchase a smartphone have likely used one and are familiar with the touchscreen interface and ease of use. The same is true for interactive televisions, and the ability to view movies from a computer or mobile device on a television screen.

HTNG announces new tech standards

By: Jeff Weinstein, Hotels Mag

NOVEMBER 29 2012 - Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) on Monday announced the release of new specifications that add functionality across a range of hotel systems and operations, including point of sale, distribution, marketing, loyalty and guestroom technology management.

Resolving the hotel code conundrum

By: HotelNewsNow

NOVEMBER 2 2012 - Imagine, if you will, you’re trying to locate “The Hotel on Main Street” in New York. You do a quick search on Google, but none of your results return an exact match. Here’s what turns up instead: The Main Street Hotel, The New York Hotel on Main, The Inn on Main Street, The New York Main Street Hotel. Are any of the above a correct match? Are they all one in the same? Or are they all unique, standalone properties?

Demystifying Big Data: How to Gather and Utilize Info to Positively Impact Business

By: Lisa Terry, Best Tech Writer

OCTOBER 8 2012 - Big Data is a hot IT topic, prompting some companies to urgently convene a task force to study it — and many more feeling uncomfortable that they haven’t. But like cloud before it, the meaning of big data, as well as the urgency to create a strategy to deal with it, is unclear. “Big data is really a marketing term being thrown about by vendors to make it sound like they’re offering something new, which mostly they aren’t, other than incrementally,” says Douglas Rice, executive VP & CEO of Hotel Technology Next Generation. “If you want to talk about big data, you need to get specific about what new data is being stored and what features/functionality it’s going to provide.” 

HTNG offers hotel network designers bandwidth solutions

By: Hotel Management

SEPTEMBER 20 2012 - Intending to provide hotel network designers and their clients with resources to help with the deployment of fiber-optic networks within hotels, a new working group of the nonprofit industry association has been formed. The Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) claimed in a statement it aims to "assist hoteliers and technology providers in understanding when and how to use fiber to meet the challenges of skyrocketing guest bandwidth demands."

Multi-Company Effort Creates New Solution to Guest Room Remote Control Challenges

By: HT Magazine

AUGUST 13 2012 - Entertainment system products used in hotel rooms are now easier to integrate, thanks to a recently completed effort by members of the trade association Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG). The group has published a new standard to enable a single remote control to support multiple devices without expensive custom integration. HTNG members recently held a live demonstration with equipment using the specification with a television from Samsung, an entertainment system from Swisscom, and connectivity panels from C2G, guestLINK and TeleAdapt. Several global hotel companies have started requesting implementation of this standard from their suppliers.

More technology, more connectivity challenges

By: Jason Q. Freed, HotelNewsNow

JUNE 27 2012 - As more and more technologies are introduced for hoteliers to both maximize operating efficiencies and wow guests, connecting those technologies to one another presents more of a challenge. Getting technology tools to interact with each other—whether it be for distributing inventory, collecting guest data or offering the guest a seamless check-in experience—is a must for hoteliers. Today, however, many technologies operate on different platforms and don’t “speak the same language.” Different brands require varying languages and different vendors offer their own unique connectivity plugs.

HTNG releases interface specifications

By: Nathan Greenhalgh, Hotels Mag

MAY 18 2012 - Hospitality technology buyers and providers will benefit from one of the largest sets of new and improved standards ever incorporated into a single release cycle by Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG). Major elements of these just-released specifications result from three of HTNG's most recently chartered workgroups. The new standards enhance the sharing of customer profile data across hotel systems; they enable improved delivery of guest folio data to systems that need it; and they provide a hosted payment scheme for hotel websites and central reservation systems that can potentially remove those systems from the scope of onerous PCI security standards.

Integration Update 2011: Slow but Steady

By: Lisa Terry, Best Tech Writer

DECEMBER 19 2011 - It all sounds so great: the flexibility, adaptability and lower integration costs promised by open platforms and industry standards. By all measures, the hospitality industry is making progress toward this vision – but not fast enough for anyone’s satisfaction, even those developing the solutions.

Why PCI compliance is important for hotels

By: Guest Contributor, Hotels Mag

NOVEMBER 25 2011 - According to Verizon's 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report, 40% of all 2010 data breaches occurred in the hospitality industry. Not surprisingly, the report also found that PCI compliance levels were down from the previous year - 89% of businesses surveyed were not validated compliant at the time of the breach. Hotels of all sizes need to understand the risks and ensure their customer data handling and transaction processing meet PCI standards. Failure to do so will result in hefty fines, increased card processing fees, loss of ability to accept payment cards, bad publicity and brand devaluation.

Hotel groups unite to reduce PCI scope

By: Stephanie Warton, HotelNewsNow

OCTOBER 12 2011 - In an industry where credit-card data flows across various companies' systems and is often stored for weeks or months at a time, simply complying with PCI standards might not be enough for hotels to keep sensitive data out of the hands of thieves. At least 16 hotel groups have expressed interest in developing an industry-wide solution, and are working with Hotel Technology Next Generation to create a credit-card security framework. Accor, Hilton Worldwide, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide are among the 16 groups listed in a HTNG news release that have confirmed their intent to participate.

Hotel groups work to secure credit-card data

By: HNN Newswire, HotelNewsNow

SEPTEMBER 28 2011 - At least sixteen major hotel groups from around the world plan to work together to develop an industry security framework for handling sensitive credit card data.  Intended to dramatically improve the security of credit card processing by and for hotels while significantly reducing costs, the effort has been chartered as a working group of Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG).  HTNG is a non-profit trade association that has developed solutions and standards in use throughout the hospitality industry, including interface standards for credit card processing and security.

Hotel associations stress credit card security

By: HNN Newswire, HotelNewsNow

MARCH 15 2011 - Three major hotel industry associations, including the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA), Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG), and Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP) today issued the following joint statement to hotels regarding organized cyber crime attacks on credit card data.  It identifies actions that hotels – and not their system vendors – need to take immediately in order to minimize their vulnerabilities and to avoid the potential for hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs and fines that typically result when just a single hotel system is breached. 

Integrating hotel technology solutions

By: Jason Q. Freed, HotelNewsNow

NOVEMBER 18 2010 - Unfortunately, a lot of projects and decision-making duties can get in the way and push that focus aside. Rapidly advancing technology trends, for example, have career hospitality veterans scrambling to solve high-tech problems and determining how to implement cost-effective tech solutions. For some, the time has come to get back to basics—let the hotel experts figure out how to deliver a quality customer experience while the technology experts work on solving such issues as data security, network bandwidth and cloud computing.

Interfacing with the Future

By: George Koroneos, HT Magazine

MARCH 1 2006 - Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) was founded in June 2002 by a group of hotel executives and technology vendors with the broad objective of addressing the structure of the industry, with the ultimate goal of building systems that would work better together. Since then, HTNG has grown into a formidable organization of vendors, property owners, hospitality technology mavens, and systems integrators. "We have grown from basically nothing in 2002 to about 300 members this year," explains HTNG Executive Director Doug Rice.