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HTNG in the News

Hoteliers explore contactless payments for future use

By: Bryan Wroten, HotelNewsNow

October 9 2019 - Contactless payment technology has made headway into the retail space, but so far there hasn't been enough demand from guests for the U.S. hotel industry to fully adopt it, hoteliers said. Best Western Hotels & Resorts is exploring near-field communications (NFC) payment options, but hasn't yet reached the consumer tipping point to make adoption worthwhile, said Greg Adams, SVP and chief digital officer. The company has been researching, and the next step would be a beta test, he said. "We have a lot of people out there who do use mobile payments," he said. "At the same time, when we look at it in aggregate, where are we going to have the biggest impact on consumer experiences? What's going to make a meaningful difference to them?

Hotel Industry Marks Significant Progress Toward 2020 Nationwide Implementation Of Safety Devices

By: Hospitality Upgrade

October 7 2019 - One year after a historic announcement pledging to increase safety and security at America's hotels, the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) announced a 230 percent increase in members participating in the 5-Star Promise, growing the commitment to 56 hotel companies. Participating hotels have made significant progress over the past year in deploying employees safety devices (ESDs), with devices already provided in several markets, including New York, Washington, Chicago, Seattle and Miami Beach, and a goal of nationwide implementation by 2020. AHLA has also provided resources to streamline the implementation process, including creating a Device Buyer's Guide to help hospitality companies purchase and implement ESDs, in addition to establishing a discount program for member companies with select ESD providers.

As Associations Explore Virtual Payment Standards, Providers Push Solutions

By: David Jonas

October 1 2019 - Corporate travel players continue to smooth out the seams in virtual payment use, especially at hotel check-in where confusion remains commonplace. Sabre is testing the placement of virtual payment indicators along with booking info in its global distribution system. Associations are working on a new payment "channel" that would operate in parallel to booking channels. For HRS, the recent acquisition of mobile tech specialist Conichi was largely about supporting its automated payment products.

Innovative Report on Hotel Business Intelligence Solutions Market Thriving

September 13 2019 - The hospitality market has been managed for years by multiple technologies providing closed solutions in which the integration with external modules was very difficult and stressful. Software vendors have been very unwilling when opening their environment connectivity between platforms and other management programs for external integrations. Not astonishingly, years past the Hotel Technology Next Generation organization was born due to the demand from hoteliers and some software vendors, in order to deliver standard integrations that would allow hoteliers to choose the right solution for their operations.

What hoteliers should know about contactless payments

September 11 2019 - As hotel companies look to make the guest experience more frictionless, some might be apt to incorporate contactless payment solutions built through near-field communications technology. Because of that, Hospitality Technology Next Generation, a nonprofit group that helps coordinate tech efforts for the hotel industry, put together a white paper on the benefits and best practices of contactless payments in hotels. Here are some takeaways from that research.

Dubai gears up for the Hotel Show 2019

By Hotelier Middle East Staff

September 10 2019 - On September 18, HTNG - which has its headquarters in the USA - will be conducting six education sessions on hospitality technology at The Hotel Show. HTNG is a global not-for-profit trade association that fosters, through collaboration and partnership among hospitality professionals and technology providers, the development of next-generation solutions that will enable them to do business globally in the 21st century. Topics that will be discussed at the HTNG Tech Strategy Day include next generation loyalty systems, the steps to ensure a more secure hotel, how you can use data to monetise guest sentiment, how to utilise Wi-Fi effectively, what the hotel industry can learn from airlines about technology and more.

The Value of Turning Data into Actionable Insights

By Jason Q. Freed, Duetto

August 26 2019 - While analytics have become a critical driver of success for companies across many industries, the hospitality industry has lagged in its ability to use data to make a measurable impact on business strategy or guest experience. It is not because of a lack of data. Hotels make millions of transactions per year, have robust loyalty programs filled with customer profiles, and have increasingly more access to guest shopping data.

APIs + Modern Architectures Unlock Business Value

By Chris Judson, Choice Hotels International

August 23 2019 - APIs (Application Program Interfaces) undoubtedly help business leaders unlock value from internal business services and data. APIs allow systems, applications, and devices to talk to each other by sharing business capabilities and data, regardless of where they reside or what format they're in. It's why the API ecosystem is worth over $1 trillion and growing every day. But the work does not stop there. At Choice Hotels International, a combination of API patterns and microservice-based architecture has transformed how we do business, accelerated our ability to deliver new and meaningful business features, and keep pace with the dynamic digital ecosystem.

How & Why Hotels Are Working to Protect Customer Data

By Tyler Kern, MarketScale

August 21 2019 - Fifty-nine percent of customers believe their data is vulnerable to a security breach, according to a recent report by Salesforce. Consumers don't trust global businesses to carefully handle their data, and when breaches happen the results can be fatal for companies big and small. For this reason, data protection is a high priority for the hotel industry, reliant on returning business and customer loyalty to survive.

RLHC's journey to a unique streaming platform

By Sean McCracken, HotelNewsNow

August 12 2019 - On-property entertainment is one of the core features of the Hotel RL brand, and RLH Corporation CIO John Edwards said his company put a considerable amount of work into getting the most out of that when creating a new in-room streaming platform over the past few years. Speaking during HTNG's 2019 Insight Summit, Edwards detailed the company's path to creating its platform, starting with why in-room streaming seems to be a better solution than casting content from guests' devices.

It's time to tackle cyber security

By Emily Wilson, HTNG

August 8 2019 - The cost of data breaches continues to skyrocket and is taking center stage in the boardroom. The employment market for cyber security professionals is extremely competitive. Aside from internal roadblocks, technology tools are evolving rapidly, and it is getting harder to decipher the best solutions to both complement a business and diminish risk. Attackers are working together, selling or trading information to gain illegal access to hospitality systems. But there is power in numbers, and it's time the industry unites to defend against these powerful dangers.

Lessons on tackling tech innovation from Disney

By Sean McCracken, HotelNewsNow

August 8 2019 - When investing in and rolling out new technologies, companies should have both guest and employee experience in mind, according to a former Disney executive speaking at Hospitality Technology Next Generation's 2019 Insight Summit. Dan Cockerell, former VP of Disney's Magic Kingdom, outlined lessons learned from the roll out of My Magic Plus at Walt Disney World Resort, which wrapped up everything from payments and ticketing at the amusement park to hotel room keys at Disney-owned hotels into RFID wristbands called "Magicbands" for guests.

'Mind-boggling' data security risks: A call to action

May 17 2019 - In the aftermath of Marriott International's massive Starwood reservation system data breach, the largest such breach of 2018, cybersecurity experts wan that protecting customer information and technology systems will only get harder. "The issues of guest personal data is obviously on everyone's minds recently because of the Starwood/Marriott breach, but this is actually only a small subset of the challenges that a property faces from a security point of view," says Ed Moyle, general manager and chief content officer at Prelude Institute, which trains cybersecurity analysts.

Profitable Report on Hotel Business Intelligence Solutions Market in-depth approaches behind the Success Of Top Players

May 16 2019 - A widespread framework of the global Hotel Business Intelligence Solutions market has newly added by The Research Insights to its massive database. This report highpoints global market growth in the past few years. Market researcher's present more informative data regarding the number of perspectives towards the global Hotel Business Intelligence Solutions market. For the effective and better business outlook, different infographics have been incorporated in the research report. Recent trends and development status in the present market is also explained in the report.

Hotel technology: What's next?

April 8 2019 - What will hotel owners likely see in the next three to five years and how can we drive technology adoption in the hospitality industry? The 2019 edition of the Arabian Hotel Investment Conference (AHIC) takes place from April 9 to 11 under the banner ‘Synchronised for Success’. Dedicated to the topical issue of Disruption, the first day will explore the various trends, challenges and developments impacting the hospitality industry, with technology inevitably a key focus.

Hotel Business Intelligence Solutions Market 2026 Upcoming Challenges

March 14, 2019 - A comprehensive outline of the global Hotel Business Intelligence Solutions market has newly added by The Research Insights to its enormous database. This report highlights global market growth in the past few years. Market researcher's present more informative data regarding the various perspectives towards the global Hotel Business Intelligence Solutions market. For the effective and better business outlook, different infographics have been incorporated in the research report. Recent trends and development status in the present market is also elaborated in the report.

HTNG and ISE deliver Hospitality Tech Summit

January 28 2019 - Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG), a global trade association dedicated to delivering best practice through technology, has teamed up with ISE, the world's biggest AV and systems integration trade show, to create Hospitality Tech Summit. This new event further enhances ISE's engagement with AV end-users in key vertical market sectors. The all-day conference takes place on Thursday 7 February at the Hotel Okura.

New year, new tech: What hoteliers want in 2019

By: Bryan Wroten, HotelNewsNow

January 9 2019 - Each new year means new budgets, which is a time when hoteliers look at what CapEx they plan to make for the year. The demand for better service by guests in an increasingly digital world translates to hoteliers figuring out what new tech they're planning to purchase this year. Hotel News Now reached out via email to tech experts and decision makers in the hotel industry to find out what they consider to be worthwhile investments in 2019 and what still needs to cook a little longer.

Prepare to be hacked

By: Michael Blake, HTNG

January 7 2019 - My quote was true six years ago and it still stands true today. If you haven't gone through a data breach, you will - and that means you need to prepare yourself, your team, your executive leadership and your board. Hospitality is very exploitable; first and foremost, our industry is blessed and cursed with very hospitable professionals. These folks are fundamentally accommodating, making them perfect targets for social engineering attacks by cyber criminals. How many employees in your company would share their credentials or print a guest's presentation when handed a USB drive? This is the primary cause of many security problems.

Enhancing the experience

By: Zoe Mutter, AV Interactive

December 10 2018 - In 2004, when the first ISE was held in Geneva, the event occupied a single hall of the convention centre. As the industry has evolved and diversified ISE has followed suit and developed into a show which last year filled the 15 halls of the RAI with 1,296 exhibitors and 80,923 visitors. When the inaugural event took place, Mike Blackman, managing director, Integrated Systems Events was confident the 3,500 attendees it attracted was an early indication they were on the right track.

How blockchain tech might interact with hotels

 By: Sean McCracken, HotelNewsNow

December 5 2018 - Blockchain is one of the top buzzwords in the tech and business world, though it's still not completely clear exactly what role it will play in the hotel industry. On a recent webinar, HTNG shared research that offers some insight on the topic. 1. There are multiple potential applications. Blockchain, which is the underlying technology for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, is based on what the HTNG working group described as "distributed ledger technology."

HTNG Insight Summit Panel: Voice Stories From Those Driving a Quality Guest Experience

By: The Angie Team

November 15 2018 - Our CEO, Ted Helvey, was pleased to participate on a panel with other voice technology thought leaders at the recent HTNG Insight Summit event in Sunnyvale, CA. He was joined by David Berger, Co-founder & CEO of Volara, Andrew Arthurs, CIO of Two Roads Hospitality, Brett Hillhouse, of IBM Watson Assistant, and Cam Urban, CEO of Roxy. Together they discussed the most pressing questions when it comes to voice technology: How do you address privacy concerns?, How do you quantify ROI?, and What does the future look like for voice?

What Makes HTNG Unique?

By: Emily Wilson, Marketing Communications Specialist, HTNG

October 12 2018 - In today's world of seemingly limitless options, there also seems to be an association for everything. It is more important than ever for every company to differentiate themselves by highlighting distinct strengths. The not-for profit trade association, Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG), separates itself through three areas: 1) Membership & Leadership, 2) Workgroups, 3) Events.

3 overlooked aspects of data security

By: Sean McCracken, HotelNewsNow (1:05 pm)

October 3 2018 - Data security might be among the most important issues in the hotel industry that receives relatively little attention. During the recent HTNG Insight Summit, John Bell, founder of Ajontech and data security consultant and expert, shared some insights on what's going on in that space and some of the things that are often overlooked.

Two Roads Hospitality among voice tech early adopters

By: Sean McCracken, HotelNewsNow (7:22 am)

October 3 2018 - Two Roads Hospitality Chief Information Officer Andrew Arthurs has seen the ups and downs of being an early adopter up close with the company's relatively recent embrace of in-room voice technology. Speaking during the recent HTNG Insight Summit, Arthurs shared some takeaways of how the process has gone of rolling out voice-controlled Amazon Alexa devices at some of the company's properties, joking that he'd like to say, "Everything's been perfect so far."

Marriott's insights on future of tech infrastructure

By: Sean McCracken, HotelNewsNow

September 27 2018 - Planning for the future is a notoriously tricky prospect when it comes to technology, and this is complicated within the hotel industry by the need to invest in sometimes expensive infrastructure to support evolving guest and back-of-house needs. Speaking during the 2018 HTNG Insight Summit Tuesday, Richard Wagner, technical consultant of emerging technologies for Marriott International, said he's learned plenty of lessons over the last eight years on "deploying architecture that will allow us to grow that future network," and some of the growing pains remain as the company integrates legacy Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide properties.

What makes a hotel conference organization tick

By: Larry Mogelonsky, Hotel Mogel Consulting Ltd.

August 31 2018 - As a hotelier, when you're in the thick of juggling all the necessary daily tasks, you seldom have time to take a step back and look at the big picture. Moreover, given how demanding this line of work can be, it's hard to find the time to travel to other properties or conventions around the world to gain perspective and improve your understanding of the industry. That's why I've recruited Michael Blake, the CEO of Hospitality Technology Next Generation, who has some powerful insights on the sharing economy and the future of loyalty programs.

California data privacy: What hoteliers need to know

By Bryan Wroten, HotelNewsNow

August 8 2018 - When California passed its new data privacy law, legislators mostly aimed it at the tech companies based there, but the law applies to more than just Silicon Valley. The California Consumer Privacy Act gives new rights to residents of California, such as being informed about the personal data companies collect about them and why and allows them to request the deletion of personal data, to opt out of the sale of personal information and to access personal information in a readily usable format. Under the law, personal information includes aspects such as consumers' personal identifiers, location, biometric data, internet browsing history, psychometric data and any inferences companies might make about them.

Daily API RoundUp: AerisWeather, Loom, Zoom, Walmart, HTNG

By: Joy Culbertson, ProgrammableWeb Staff

July 14 2018 - Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples. Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including eCommerce, Weather, and Blockchain. Featured today are several APIs from the Walmart Open API Developer Portal for affiliates and the Zoom Rooms API for virtual meetings data. Here's a rundown of the latest additions: Loom Network, Zoom, HTNG (Hospitality Technology Next Generation), AerisWeather, Walmart.

Strategic Shift to Improve HTNG and Industry Alignment

By: Emily Wilson, HTNG

June 14 2018 - The biggest difference between HTNG and other associations in hospitality technology is our workgroups. Serving as the heart and soul of HTNG, these groups meet regularly to discuss emerging technology and related challenges for the industry and to develop solutions, best practices or standards to address them. For many years, HTNG leveraged two distinct groups of members to form workgroups around these issues. These two groups (forums) focused separately on infrastructure and software due to a natural separation of topics and members aligning around one or the other. At that time, HTNG workgroups predominantly linked to just one of these forums. HTNG recognized that the business of IT has blended, so a new structure was recently created to better align strategic concepts for the industry.

How point-of-sale technology has changed over the years

By: Bryan Wroten, HotelNewsNow

June 6 2018 - For everyday transactions, cash hasn't been king for years. Debit and credit cards took over, and even how those are processed has changed recently. Launching an app and tapping the smartphone on a credit card terminal is one of the newest ways to pay. The hotel industry has been keeping a close eye on the latest technology in point-of-sales systems and consumer behavior, watching what has caught on and what hasn't.

Defining HTNG Membership Benefits

By: Emily Wilson, HTNG

May 15 2018 - HTNG was formed in the early 2000s by a group of individuals concerned with how hotels were being affected by technology. More than a decade later, HTNG now has 400+ member-companies, including 4,500 individuals who represent five million hotel rooms worldwide. Last year, HTNG expanded its efforts to include other hospitality verticals, such as assisted living, entertainment venues and cruise lines, which share similar technologies and solution sets as hotels.

How hoteliers can protect loyalty programs from fraud

By: Bryan Wroten, HotelNewsNow

May 2 2018 - The hotel industry, in general, is a popular target for hackers looking to steal personally identifiable information about guests and staff. One area of potential vulnerability that's being exploited is hotel brand loyalty programs. Anything of value, including loyalty points and partner points, will be something hackers want because of the inherit value to them, said Patrick Dunphy, chief information officer at HTNG. Given how much travel has increased in the past 25 years and how many more hotels are offering them now, the long-term value of points is increasing, he said.

Developing next-gen hospitality solutions

By: Biz Community

April 16 2018 - To solve a communication problem - not between guests and staff, but with computer systems - hotel software developers had to build customised interface systems which were costly and had limited functionality. A group of hoteliers and hospitality consultants decided to create a system of standards that worked together and had new functionality that would be adopted by the industry - 'next-generation solutions'.

Status Report: Contactless Payments & Hospitality

By: Emily Wilson, HTNG

April 4 2018 - Contactless payments are electronic devices that use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or near field communication (NFC) Integrated Circuits (IC) on credit cards or mobile devices. Common contactless payments include Apple Pay, Google Play, Samsung Pay, the Citi Costco Card and wearable devices - all of which enable customers to tap to pay quickly and easily.

One Step Closer to Untangling APIs

By: Emily Wilson, HTNG

MARCH 7 2018 - In the world of hospitality technology, there are a few words that cause as much stress as "integrations." However, with web-deployed software starting to dominate the field, integration is happening more and more through web Application Programing Interfaces (APIs). APIs allow software solutions to send information to each other, offering an unprecedented level of control with relative ease. Unfortunately, the adoption of APIs in the hospitality industry currently lacks transparency and has been done in an ad-hoc, messy and convoluted manner. Cross-industry software companies, such as Salesforce, Google and Facebook have adopted APIs with great success. HTNG intends to build on these best practices for the hospitality industry.

Wayfinding tech seeing niche growth in hotels

By Sean McCracken, HotelNewsNow

FEBRUARY 7 2018 - Hotels, whether resorts or other large property types, can sometimes be difficult to navigate. Some hoteliers have looked to technology, specifically wayfinding apps and beacon technology, to solve that problem. Those technologies have been a point of discussion in hotels for years now, but some properties are only rolling out it today - including the Orlando World Center Marriott, with its World Finder app.

Ready for data protection regulation?

TravTalk Middle East

FEBRUARY 6 2018 - The purpose of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to provide a standard set of data protection laws across all member countries for EU citizens to clearly understand how their data is being used. The GDPR builds upon the 1995 Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, which governed the processing of personal data, and refreshes the legislation to suit the modern day. Failure to comply with the GDPR can cost organizations up to 4 percent of annual global turnover or 20 million in fines.

AI Assists Our Advancement Into a Virtual World

By Michael Blake, HTNG

JANUARY 14 2018 - Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides systems the ability to perform tasks which would normally require human intelligence. This intelligence encompasses visual perception, speech recognition, decision0making, translation between languages and more. Consider the use of AI occurring in three separate instances. The first is when an object is simply asked to do something. The second being when an object augments things that were previously routinely performed. And the third, when an object can learn and perform more complex tasks. Each of these generic instances can be transferred over and applied to the hotel setting.

The top 6 hotel tech trends for 2018

By Esther Hertzfeld, Hotel Management

JANUARY 2 2018 - Hotels have renewed focus on technology to improve the guest experience and hotel operations, but what are the next big tech trends coming down the pike? Hotel Management interviewed Michael Blake, CEO of Hotel Technology Next Generation, about the technology trends that are still in the works from 2017 and what will dominate in 2018.

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