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Startup Alley

Startup Alley: An exciting new exclusive opportunity for startup technology companies to showcase their products at HT-NEXT!

Startup Alley provides startup companies with a unique venue to showcase their products and solutions on Wednesday, March 14 at HT-NEXT. Prominently located just outside the main ballroom, each participant will be able to display their products and conduct demonstrations on a high-boy table to promote their company to HT-NEXT’s high-profile attendees.

Participation in Startup Alley is open to all startup technology companies in the hospitality technology industry that meet HTNG’s Startup company qualifications.

HTNG Startup Members $3,000
Includes one year of HTNG Membership!

Fees include one registration pass for the HT-NEXT Conference access starting Tuesday afternoon (March 13) through the end of the event on Wednesday (March 14)

The participation fee is due within two weeks of the approved application or by February 16th, whichever occurs first.

Only 20 spots are available and will be secured on a first come, first served basis. Participation is not confirmed until both the application and payment fee are received.

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Additional Information

  • All equipment must fit on top of the company’s high-boy table
  • Participants are encouraged to wear attire promoting their brand
  • Onsite signage with company logos will be provided
  • Standard hotel Wi-Fi will be provided
  • 110v power will be provided upon request
  • No additional signage is allowed

Startup Alley is Presented in Cooperation with: