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Privacy Policy

Information Collected

When you complete a form on this site, we collect the information you provide, which may include your name, company, business title, address, phone number(s), email address, and interests, as well as the IP address, operating system, and browser of the computer you are using. We maintain this information in a database and may augment it with information posted on public sites such as LinkedIn.

Nonmember Mailing Lists

If you subscribe to our public mailing list, we will not use your e-mail address, phone, or other contact information for any purpose other than to communicate with you. The only exception is if we are required to do so by law.

Member Mailing Lists

By submitting your contact information to HTNG in the context of a membership application, or of an individual enrolling in HTNG under a corporate membership, you are added to our mailing list.  This policy also applies if we receive your contact information from you directly or from others in the industry.

We do not sell or rent our membership mailing list, make it available to other members, or provide it to sponsors or exhibitors at HTNG meetings or events.  We use your personal and company information only as outlined in this privacy policy, in order to communicate with you and to further the collaborative functions of HTNG.  Collaborative functions may include (but are not limited to) workgroup and forum activities, technical demonstrations, events and meetings, participation in exhibitions, and marketing functions that help to communicate the activities of HTNG and its membership to the broader hotel and technology communities.  We may also disclose your information if we are required to do so by law.

From time to time, we may identify opportunities for members to participate in activities sponsored by HTNG, by other organizations, or by trade publications, which further the mission of HTNG, and we will communicate these to you directly. If you do not wish to receive such offers, please contact us and we will remove your name from this list.

Sharing of Member Contact Information

Except as specifically outlined in this Privacy Policy, and in instances where you give us explicit permission, we do not share your personal contact information with other members or with third parties. We may receive requests from members to contact you or your company, and we will, unless you request otherwise, forward such requests as we consider reasonable. We will not forward requests that we believe constitute advertising or mass solicitations by or on behalf of members.

Unless your company (or you, if you hold an individual membership) specifically request(s) otherwise, we may share your name and contact information with other registered individuals who work for your organization and who request a specific contact or a list of all HTNG contacts. In this context, the word "organization" includes all affiliated companies who are using a single HTNG membership.

Member Identity on HTNG Public Web Site

HTNG members will be identified by company, and company only, on the Members list maintained on our web site, unless you specifically request not to be listed, or unless you maintain your membership without a company name on record. If multiple individuals within a company each hold individual memberships, then the company will be listed unless all such individuals request not to be listed.

Member Identity in HTNG Promotional Materials

HTNG members will be identified by company, and company only, in advertising and promotional materials distributed to the public. Corporate, individual consultant, and individual allied members will be included unless requested otherwise, except that HTNG may elect to list only specific categories of members in any particular medium. Individual hotel members will be excluded, but their companies will be listed unless the member has requested otherwise. If multiple individuals within a company each hold individual memberships, then the company will be listed unless all such individuals request not to be listed.

Member Identity on HTNG Private Web Site

Members and affiliated individuals who participate in HTNG collaborative bodies (including workgroups, committees, advisory boards, councils, and similar entities) are identifiable by name, company affiliation, telephone number, and email address to other participants in the same and related bodies, and to employees and contractors of HTNG. With approval of HTNG management or the leadership of a collaborative body, HTNG may share the list of that body's participating individuals and/or their contact information with other individuals, if the reason for doing so is to further the collaborative efforts of the body.

If You Attend an HTNG Meeting or Event

HTNG may disclose to other actual or prospective attendees, sponsors, exhibitors the names, job titles, and companies (but not contact information) of individuals who attend HTNG meetings and events. Attendee names are not disclosed in any public facing documents or on any public website, but may be distributed privately or made available on a member-only website.

Member Identity in HTNG Workgroups

If you apply to participate in an HTNG body (workgroup, committee, advisory board, council, or similar entity), your company name and the name(s) of individuals who will represent your company will published on the members-only web site in accordance with the new member acquisition policy of such body.

If you are accepted to participate in a collaborative body, your company name may be used in HTNG press releases and other communications materials, but unless we specifically ask your permission, we will include it only as one item in a list of all participating organizations.  If you are accepted to participate in a collaborative body, any resume or biographical material that you submit, as well as your basic contact information, will be shared with other participants on the same workgroup as indicated in the prior section, and may also be published in meeting notices or minutes that are available to all HTNG members.

You may request exceptions from these policies, but doing so may jeopardize your opportunity to participate in the workgroup.  Please contact HTNG to discuss your specific situation.


For assistance in changing your preferences, please contact us.