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Benefits for Platinum Members

HTNG membership provides benefits for hoteliers and hospitality companies and their technology providers and suppliers who want to actively define and implement the next generation of hotel technology. 

Platinum Membership Benefits:

  • All memberships are corporate, and benefits are available to all employees, as well as to affiliated companies under common control of greater than fifty percent
  • Outstanding networking opportunities with hotel technologists and vendor peers from across the industry at any of our members-only conferences (currently in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific region) and at workgroup and forum meetings.
  • Meet and work directly with top hotel buyers and technical strategists at intimate workgroup meetings or at annual members-only conferences and meetings
  • 10% discount for annual conference registration for company employees.
  • Members-only opportunities to sponsor and exhibit at HTNG events
  • 21-day priority signup period for sponsorships, exhibit tables, and other promotional opportunities for all regional conferences around the world.
  • Priority for other HTNG events and activities where we anticipate greater demand than supply.
  • 25% discount on sponsorships and exhibit tables at all of HTNG's regional conferences (discount applies to a maximum of one sponsorship and/or one exhibit table per event).
  • Promote your company's innovation by entering products in our TechOvation Awards - reviewed and voted on by a live audience at the North American Conference.
  • Expose your truly innovative technology quickly, in an environment where quality and technical value matter -- but the size of your company does not.
  • Incorporate HTNG branding and logo on your marketing materials to show hotels your commitment to meeting their interoperability needs
  • Enjoy member-only pricing and market advantage over your competitors when you certify your product to HTNG standards and show the “HTNG Certified” label on your packaging
  • Logo placement on HTNG's home page and website members list, including first-page placement for the first sixty days and on a rotating basis thereafter
  • Identification as a Platinum Member, with company logos, on HTNG promotional materials, at events, and on our website.
  • Rights to use the HTNG logo with the words "Platinum Member," in a standard format, on company advertising material, website, etc.
  • Free membership in both forums - the Infrastructure and Device Forum and the Software Forum; one free attendee per forum meeting per membership.
  • Protect your product investment by understanding the evolution of hotel needs, industry standards, and the direction of other vendor segments with which you need to work
  • Participate in problem-solving workgroups to understand hotelier needs and to cooperate with vendors of other technologies to develop leading-edge solutions to fit those needs
  • Access to design documents, best practices, and technical specifications from more than two dozen HTNG workgroup efforts
  • Visibility into specifications under development or revision so you can “stay ahead of the curve” on upcoming developments
  • Access to all specifications produced, whether formally published or not.
  • By being an active workgroup leader or implementing workgroup-designed solutions, you can get many opportunities for free publicity, including speaking opportunities at major HTNG meetings, case studies publicized by HTNG, and articles in trade press.