Member Types & Dues

Membership in HTNG is open to any person or organization with an interest in advancing information technology in hospitality. HTNG offers several types of membership, based on your or your company's role within the industry.

For Hospitality Companies and their Employees

If you or your company actively provides hospitality services (e.g. hotels, cruise lines, restaurants) to end consumers as a primary business, then you are eligible for either of the following memberships:

  • Individual Hospitality Membership with dues of US $375 per year, for one person only.
  • Full Corporate Hospitality Membership - covers all personnel in the company. Dues are based on the number of guest rooms owned, managed, franchised, or covered under membership agreements as of the date of application or renewal, as follows:
    • Under 25,000 rooms - $2,500
    • 25,000-199,999 rooms - $5,000
    • 200,000 or more rooms - $10,000

For more details, review Benefits for Hoteliers and apply for one of these Hospitality Membership types.

For Technology Providers, Distribution Partners and Consulting Firms

If your company sells technology products or services to hospitality companies or their related ecosystems, then you are eligible for the following membership types:

  • Corporate Industry Partner:  Covers any number of individuals employed by one company. Membership is US $4,500 per year and includes participation in both forums.
  • Corporate Industry Partner - Startup: For companies incorporated less than two years which are not funded by an established company in the hospitality industry. Covers any number of individuals employed by one company. Membership is US $2,000 per year and includes participation in both forums. Proof of eligibility required.
  • Platinum Industry Partner:  Provides greater visibility and promotional exposure, as well as priority and discounts for sponsorships and exhibits at HTNG conferences.  Membership is US $8,250 per year and includes participation in both forums.
  • Benefactor Member: For our most dedicated supporters, this membership includes a private annual three-hour meeting  with key industry buyers on HTNG's Board of Governors and other benefits.  Membership costs $ 50,000 per year and is subject to availability.  Contact our membership team if interested.

For Independent and Small-Firm Consultants

Independent consultants and consulting groups who do not sell, distribute, or represent any technology products or services to the hospitality industry or its related ecosystems, may also be eligible for an Individual Industry Partner Membership at US $375 per year; limitations apply. Benefits are similar to those for Corporate Industry Partner memberships, but apply only to one person.  Please contact our membership mailbox if you have questions.

For Other Industry Participants

For those whose interest in the industry is fundamentally informational rather than economic, you may be eligible for a discounted or complimentary Allied Membership. Additional fees may apply for attendance at face-to-face meetings.

  • Full-time students enrolled in accredited hospitality or technology program (complimentary - proof of eligibility is required)
  • Full-time faculty at accredited universities with hospitality or technology programs (US $50 per year)
  • Full-time employees of governmental agencies and nonprofit tourism organizations (US $50 per year)
  • Not-for-profit trade and professional organizations relevant to hospitality technology (complimentary - subject to HTNG's discretion.)
  • Journalists writing for recognized publications relevant to hospitality technology (complimentary - subject to HTNG's discretion.)

Apply for one of these types of Allied Memberships, or visit our Association Partners page for information about applying for this kind of membership.