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Infrastructure Resource Team

The Infrastructure Resource Team is one of HTNG's longest-running and best-attended groups within HTNG. Projects taken on by the team cover a wide range of hospitality technology issues. Any group member can propose a topic for further discussion with one of several outcomes: a new HTNG workgroup, a best practices document, a case study and/or a webinar.

In fact, the Infrastructure Resource Team has created much of the content in the Resources section of HTNG's website, including: Case Studies, Best Practices and Webinars

Infrastructure Resource Team (IRT) Initiatives:

Current Projects

  • Digital TV Deployment Best Practices - Vendors and hoteliers have gathered to define various types of digital television; including the components and capabilities of common installations which will ultimately lead to a vendor neutral guide on how to implement the best possible picture and amenities for hospitality guests.
  • Bring Your Own Device/Content - The team is working on a guide of current pairing technologies and content types (i.e., Miracast, Airplay, Wi-Fi direct, DIAL, etc.), DRM, streamed and local content. This will help hoteliers and vendors better understand their options as guests bring more and more of their own devices and content into the hotel.
  • Wi-Fi Roadmap - This sub-team is working on a road map to help hoteliers understand why the mobile device explosion requires constant investment in infrastructure such as access points. Next generation 802.11 AC is becoming commonplace and future standards 802.11 AD/AF will put further pressure on hoteliers to continue investment.  Additionally, this team will also provide guidelines on how to troubleshoot poor wireless performance.
  • Moving the PBX to the Cloud - This sub-team is working on best practices and guidelines when considering moving the traditional private branch exchange (PBX) to a hosted or cloud environment. Additional deliverables include an executive summary and total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator.



The most recent webinar from this group was presented by UIEvolution, Inc. and covered Bluetooth technology in Hospitality.  The webinar outlined the basic technology, benefits to hospitality and use cases relevant to hoteliers and vendors.  Visit the Webinars page for a replay link for this session and others. 

Vendors and hoteliers who are members of the Infrastructure & Device Forum may request topics during the team's teleconferences and meetings. Some of the future webinar topics under consideration, include:

  • WebRTC
  • Privacy concerns for location based services
  • Trends in hospitality door locking technology
  • 802.11 AC
  • AVB
  • RVU


Case Studies

Members of the team are working on case studies for:

  • Load Balancing - This case study will describe how a load balancer has functioned on Mandarin Oriental Hotel property(ies) and some of the lessons learned by the hotel in deploying the technology
  • PON implementation - This study will review how PON was installed in a Marriott International hotel


Future Projects

The Infrastructure Resource Team is not a typical HTNG workgroup that is limited to a single technology or problem set. The team is a diverse group of vendors and hoteliers with expertise across many different technologies. If you have a technology issue with which you are struggling, consider joining the group and talking to our members about it – the team may be able to help.


The Infrastructure Resource Team is led by two co-chairs.  The co-chairs are currently:

  • Dayna Kully – Co-Founder, 5thGenWireless
  • Dick Wagner – Director, Emerging Technologies - Marriott International
Looking to get involved?

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