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Ben Ryan Biography
Ben Ryan

Ben Ryan

Coach, Fiji Rugby Sevens

Ben Ryan is one of the most in-demand speakers of the year. Organisations and audiences around the world want to hear from the man who is fast achieving legendary status as one of the greatest coaches of his generation.

From his early years as a club rugby player, to seven highly successful years as the England Rugby 7s coach, he then took the biggest risk of his career, accepting the job as coach of the Fiji Rugby 7s team. This meant going from SW London and all of its first-world comforts, to the many challenges of working within a dictatorship and for a bankrupt employer. Three years later, he had led them to gold at the Rio Olympics; just one of the many historic accomplishments that Ben coached them through during his time with the team.

He has learned a lot about leadership, collaboration, teamwork, communication, culture and success from these extraordinary accomplishments. His moving stories inspire new thinking on topics such as effective ways to build trust, adapting your approach to the context, measuring performance in a meaningful way, and how treating individuals as such can make the difference between first or last place.

Ben, who also has a teaching degree from Cambridge University, is an engaging, charming, mesmerising speaker who will leave an audience on the edge of their seat, and empowered with tools to make real change in the way they lead their lives and lead in their jobs.