2016 Asia-Pacific Conference Benefactor and Platinum Benefits


Considering upgrading your membership? Review the many benefits of being a benefactor and platinum member.


Take Advantage of Your Discounts and Early

Availability Options

HTNG is pleased to offer special benefits to our premium members for sponsoring or exhibiting at the conference.

Discounted Sponsor and Exhibitor Fees
  • Benefactor Members receive a 50% discount
  • Platinum Members receive a 25% discount

Discount applies to base sponsorship and exhibit price only

Priority on Sponsorships and Exhibit Locations

HTNG offers its Benefactor and Platinum Members a 21-day exclusive priority booking opportunity. During this time, sponsorships and exhibits are available only to these premium members.

Other members can apply during this time; those order forms will be processed in the order received, but only after the premium member window closes.

The 21-day window will close on 16 February 2016. Submit your order form today!