Workgroups have been described as the underlying layer of HTNG and play a crucial role in the organization. These workgroups are where HTNG members gather to collaborate and solve industry challenges globally.  

  • Each involve around 5-15 companies operating under board-approved charters with a pre-agreed definition of the business problem, a general description of the solution, and a limited time-frame.
  • Address a very specific business problem, such as a lack of key capabilities in a device, the need to support multiple complex software interfaces among coordinated systems, or identifying the best approach for deploying a new and risky technology.
  • Meet regularly (weekly or bi-weekly) by web conference; many workgroups also meet periodically face-to-face.
  • Creates an end deliverable, a solution to the problem. Vendors deploy the solution and deliver products to the marketplace for hotels to purchase.
  • Provide interaction between members to help form customer, supplier and partner relationships.
Workgroup Lifecycle
  • Prospective: an idea put forth by members for a possible workgroup
  • Incubation: an informal group of interested people working together to write a proposed charter
  • Active: a formally chartered group of members doing the work
  • Maintenance: the same group overseeing minor updates to completed work
  • Retired: solutions completed, workgroup disbanded; oversight of released specifications moves to the forum
Suggest a Workgroup

If you have a different issue within hospitality technology which you would like HTNG to consider creating a workgroup for, please complete the form below.