What are Workgroups? 

Workgroups are groups of people who meet regularly to solve industry challenges. 

When problems are identified, a workgroup is created to find a solution through Board-approved charters. Workgroup members collaborate to solve the problem and create an end deliverable. At any given point in time, HTNG has 10-20 workgroups in progress.

In addition to solving industry challenges, workgroups provide excellent interaction between members to help form customer, supplier and partner relationships.

A typical workgroup will: 

  • Include hospitality members, consultants & industry partners from different companies.
  • Meet weekly or bi-weekly via web conference.
  • Meet periodically face-to-face at HTNG events.

Workgroups have a lifespan of 6-12 months and will advance through the following phases:

  • Open Workgroups:  An informal group of industry stakeholders writing a charter to solve a specific problem tied to industry challenges.
  • Active Workgroups: A formally chartered group of members doing the work. 
  • Completed Workgroups: A formerly Active Workgroup that has completed deliverables, but may be reconvened for minor updates.


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