Workgroup Overview

Workgroup Overview

  • Each workgroup addresses a very specific business problem, such as lack of key capabilities in a device, the need to support multiple complex software interfaces among coordinated systems, or identifying the best approach for deploying a new and risky technology.
  • Each workgroup creates, as an end deliverable, a solution to the problem. Vendors deploy the solution so that hotels can buy it.
  • Typical workgroups Involve about 5-15 people, working together over a limited time period with specific deliverables.
  • Workgroups receive guidance from additional hoteliers ("business advisors") who are interested in the results but not the technical details.
  • Workgroups operate under board-approved charters with a pre-agreed definition of the business problem, a general description of the solution, and a limited time-frame.
  • Regular meetings (usually weekly or bi-weekly) by web conference; many workgroups also meet periodically face-to-face
  • Workgroups publish all working documents on a collaboration site, viewable by all HTNG members.
  • Documentation, standards, white papers, and best practices may be necessary ot the solution, but the objective is normally a tangible solution, rather than paper.

Workgroup Lifecycle

The cycle of a workgroup consists of five stages:

an idea put forth by members for a possible workgroup

an informal group of interested people working together to write a proposed charter

a formally chartered group of members doing the work

the same group overseeing minor updates to completed work

solutions completed, workgroup disbanded; oversight of released specifications moves to the forum

Participation Details

  • One company, one vote: small hoteliers and vendors have equal voice to their largest competitors, ensuring that no one company can dominate decisions.
  • Regular participation is usually required to retain your voting rights!
  • HTNG members may sign up for any new workgroup at launch (instructions provided with launch announcement)
  • Members can also apply to join an existing workgroup through their user profile.
  • There is no cost to join any workgroup that is associated with the forum(s) included with your HTNG membership.
  • Face-to-face meetings are free for most participants. You may incur fees if you have certain discounted membership types, or if your company sends multiple attendees.
  • Members may request to be on a mailing list to monitor workgroup progress and can also help provide direction of one or more workgroups.
  • Nonmembers of HTNG may participate in incubation workgroups by teleconference only. Once the workgroup is chartered, only HTNG members can continue participating.
  • To get on the mailing list for a prospective or incubation workgroup visit the Prospective Workgroup Effort page and complete the form at the bottom