Vendor Advisory Council
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The HTNG Vendor Advisory Council is intended to ensure that HTNG can better address the needs and concerns of members who are technology providers. It was created to improve communications and alignment between HTNG's most engaged vendors and the hotel IT executives serving on the board. It is structured to be a conduit for ideas to grow the organization and make it more effective.

For more information about council structure and purpose, visit the Vendor Advisory Council Overview page.

The following are the current members of the council, with the Co-Chairs listed first.  


Micah Friedman - Co-Chair

Sr. Director, Travel & Hospitality, Cognizant
(Term Expires 30 June 2017)



Patrick Dillon

Executive Vice President, DCI Design Communications LLC
(Term Expires 30 June 2017)


Vanessa Ogle - Co-Chair

President and CEO, Enseo
(Term Expires 30 Jund 2018)



Chris Farrar

Chief Analytics Officer, Exceptional Innovation, Inc.
(Term Expires 30 June 2019)


Florian Gallini

CEO, Interel
(Term Expires 30 June 2018)

Larry Hall

CEO, Trillium Services Group, LLC
(Term Expires 30 June 2018)



Thomas Moore

Director, Hospitality Solutions, Zebra Technologies
(Term Expires 30 June 2017)


Boro Petrovic

Architect, Oracle Hospitality
(Term Expires 30 June 2017)


Mukund Mohan

VP, Product Strategy, Infor
(Term Expires 30 June 2018)



Paul Paolisso

Director Vertical Programs--Hospitality, Corning
(Term Expires 30 June 2019)


Luis Segredo

EVP, Strategic Initiatives, Amadeus Hospitality
(Term Expires 30 June 2019)

Eric Sullender

Vice President, Products, Eleven
(Term Expires 30 June 2019)


Ted Watson

Global Director, Hospitality & Gaming Solutions, Ruckus Wireless, Inc.
(Term Expires 30 June 2018)



Ron Tarro

Vice President, Hospitality Solutions, Broadsoft, Inc.
(Term Expires 30 June 2019)