Mission & Purpose

Hotel Technology Next Generation is a global not-for-profit trade association that fosters, through collaboration and partnership among hoteliers and technology providers, the development of next-generation solutions that will enable them to do business globally in the 21st century. 

HTNG is run by and for the benefit of hotel IT executives, with active support from technology providers and other industry participants.  It is governed by a Board of Governors consisting of senior IT executives from 21 leading hotel companies, with nonvoting participation by Executive Advisors from the hotel, consulting, and academic community.  The commitment of these industry leaders is reflected in the fact that Governors and Advisors serve without compensation and pay their own travel expenses to attend several board meetings and events around the world each year. 

HTNG's activities are undertaken by hundreds of volunteers from member companies, supported by a small paid professional staff. 

To ensure vendor neutrality in overall direction and policy, only full-time hotel IT executives may serve on the Board of Governors.  Other industry participants, however, have full voting rights in HTNG's day-to-day activities, and may also serve in an advisory capacity to the Board. 

HTNG's Mission Statement

To foster, through collaboration and partnership, the development of next-generation systems and solutions that will enable hoteliers and their technology vendors to do business globally in the 21st century. HTNG is recognized as the leading voice of the global hotel community, articulating the technology requirements of hotel companies of all sizes to the vendor community. HTNG facilitates the development of technology models for hospitality that will foster innovation, improve the guest experience, increase the effectiveness and efficiency of hotels and create a healthy ecosystem of technology suppliers. 

The goals of HTNG's facilitation are:
  • To allow cooperating vendors to more easily integrate their products, and to jointly deliver and support them throughout the world.
  • To allow cooperating hotels to spread the burden of developing, maintaining, and operating common, non-strategic systems.
  • To enable service-based providers to more easily integrate, deploy and support technology products from multiple vendors, so that hotels can buy more complete solutions with fewer direct supplier relationships.
  • To reduce requirements for onsite IT support at hotel properties through central hosting of applications and remote monitoring and management of devices wherever feasible.
  • To maximize the use of standard methods of systems integration, whether through ratified standards with certification, or through de facto adoption of common methods.
  • To allow vendors and hoteliers to focus more of their R&D resources on innovation to drive competitive advantage, and less on "commodity" technologies.

HTNG is incorporated as HTNG Illinois (NFP) in the State of Illinois, USA, and is classified as a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization by the US Internal Revenue Service. HTNG Illinois (NFP) operates under the trading name of Hotel Technology Next Generation.