Membership Policies

By joining HTNG, renewing your membership, or entering into certain new activities with HTNG, members reaffirm their agreement to the latest Terms and Conditions of Membership.

  1. Members agree to abide by the HTNG Code of Conduct. Corporate Members agree to hold their employees, and other individuals they authorize to participate in HTNG activities on their behalf, accountable to abiding by the Code of Conduct.

  2. Individual Memberships are nontransferable. Access to the Members-only areas of the HTNG website is limited to enrolled Members and login information may not be shared.

  3. Hospitality Memberships may only be held by hospitality companies, or by full-time employees of hospitality companies; all other organizations and individuals may hold Industry Partner Memberships or, if eligible, Allied Memberships. Hospitality companies are defined to include organizations that own, manage, franchise or brand hospitality enterprises or venues (including hotels, condominium rental pools, timeshare programs, membership clubs, restaurants, cruise ships, casinos, theme parks, recreational sports facilities and entertainment venues); provided that organizations that franchise or brand hotels, but do not own or manage hotels, shall qualify for Hospitality Memberships only if either (a) they assess annual fees per hotel of at least US$10,000 (or the equivalent in other currency), exclusive of reservation-related and optional fees; (b) they assess a royalty fee of at least one percent (1%) of total room revenue of the hotel (not limited to that portion produced by the brand or franchisor); or (c) a majority of their branded hotels display the membership affiliation on the home page of the hotel's own website. A Hospitality Individual Membership is automatically converted to an Industry Partner Individual Membership if the individual holding it ceases to be qualified as a Hospitality Member. An Industry Partner Individual Membership may be converted to a Hospitality Individual Membership upon the request of the individual who holds it, if that individual becomes qualified as a Hospitality Member during the term of membership.

  4. Consultant Memberships are available only to self-employed individual consultants, and to individuals employed by consulting companies. Consultant members provide professional advice, charge a fee for time and expertise only and do not sell products or other services. Consultant Memberships are also available to certain other individuals who operate under a similar professional model. Consultants are required to sign a statement of eligibility and HTNG will review their memberships annually.

  5. Individual Allied Memberships are granted to individuals employed by bona fide media organizations covering hospitality technology; to educators and students; to employees and officers of governmental bodies and other organizations engaged in the promotion of travel and tourism; and to other individuals whose interest in hospitality technology is fundamentally informational rather than based on economic gain as a buyer or seller of technology or technology-based services. HTNG reserves the right to deny Allied Membership to any individual, and to revoke any Allied Membership without refund if the individual holding it ceases to qualify and/or uses the membership for commercial gain as a buyer or seller of technology or technology-based services.

  6. Association Partner Memberships are granted to other industry trade associations upon application to and approval by HTNG, normally on a reciprocal, cost-free basis. Membership covers officers, employees and appointed representatives of the organization. These individuals may use the associated membership rights solely for the benefit of the Association Partner Member, and not for the purpose of any other organization.

  7. Industry Partner – Qualified Distributor Memberships are available to companies that distribute, within the hospitality industry, technology products and/or services only for one or more HTNG member(s), and do not distribute products or services for any non-members. The distributor company becomes ineligible for this membership type if either 1) the HTNG member (producer) terminates their HTNG membership for any reason and the distributor continues to distribute their products or services or 2) the Qualified Distributor Member begins distributing products or services for a company that is not a member of HTNG, or begins selling their own products or services.

  8. Membership dues are nonrefundable. The sole exception is for a member who applies to join an HTNG workgroup; where the workgroup requires a vote of current members to approve new ones; where the member has applied and met all required prerequisites for joining said workgroup (such as attending a meeting) within 60 days of membership activation; and where the member is not approved for participation within 60 days having met all required prerequisites. In this case, the member may request termination of membership within 10 days of being notified of the nonapproval, and may be granted a refund up to the full cost of the membership. The 60 day limit for meeting all prerequisites may be extended in the case where it is impossible for the member to meet the requirements, for example if the workgroup requires attending a workgroup meeting but does not hold one soon enough to accommodate the 60-day limit. Memberships may be converted to a membership of greater value at the request of the member, and a pro rata credit of full months of the unused membership term will be applied to the new membership. Multiple individual memberships may be converted to a corporate membership with written agreement of each individual member.

  9. The first membership year begins upon receipt of payment and terminates on the last day of the same month one year later. Renewal memberships are for 12 consecutive months starting the day after termination of the prior term. Renewal notices are sent by e-mail to the address on the application, or to another address that you advise to HTNG through its membership mailbox.

  10. Members agree that "Hospitality Technology Next Generation," "HTNG" and logos depicting the same are trademarks of Hospitality Technology Next Generation, and that they may be used only with HTNG's written permission, or as permitted by guidelines published on our Media Kit web page. In particular, reference to implementation of products based on HTNG specifications is strictly regulated. Logos used pursuant to rights granted to members on the Media Kit page must be removed from all printed and electronic materials within 30 days of membership termination.

  11. Corporate Memberships cover employees of the named company and any affiliates under common control. For this purpose, ‘control’ means more than 50% of the voting stock of the company. Non-employee contractors may represent the company with HTNG’s approval, which HTNG may revoke at any time. Corporate Hospitality Memberships also cover employees of hotels and other hospitality venues owned and/or managed by the named company or by affiliates under common control. Employees requesting member privileges based on a Corporate  Membership held by their company agree, individually and on behalf of their employer, to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

  12. Each member shall identify a Primary Contact, and may designate one or more Backup Primary Contacts. The individual who applies for membership shall be the initial Primary Contact, and may designate backups and/or request changes to the Primary Contact by submitting a request to the membership mailbox. Any Backup Primary Contact may act in place of the Primary Contact if time is of the essence and the Primary Contact is not available. In the event that the Primary Contact leaves the company without reassigning the Primary Contact responsibility to another person, then HTNG may appoint any Backup Primary Contacts as the new Primary Contact. In the event that no Backup Primary Contact is available, then HTNG may appoint any other company employee as the Primary Contact upon its reasonable belief that they are authorized by their company to function in this role.

  13. Corporate Industry Partners may participate in HTNG using either their legal name, legally registered "doing business as" (dba) name, or a single brand OR product name (the "Listing Name"). The Listing Name may be changed at any time upon written authorization of the Primary Contact, but once used and retired the name cannot be used again for at least one year.

  14. Charter Membership is a special status that a member retains only as long as the underlying membership remains valid. If the underlying membership lapses, Charter status is lost. However, any expired membership may be reinstated retroactively for up to three months after its expiration date.

  15. Members who apply for or participate in HTNG activities (workgroups, tradeshow demonstrations, marketing activities, etc.) agree to abide by HTNG’s policies for such activities as published on the HTNG website and as may be modified from time to time.

  16. Members may not schedule events that compete with HTNG events (conferences, members' meetings or forum meetings) Specifically, members agree that they will not solicit any individuals or companies who are registered for any HTNG events, to attend any non-HTNG event that is scheduled concurrently with any HTNG meeting session or event and within a radius of 75 miles, without the advance written permission of HTNG. Members agree that monetary damages alone may not be sufficient to compensate HTNG for the impact of competing events, and further agree that HTNG shall be entitled to injunctive relief to prevent such competing events from proceeding.

  17. If you attend any face-to-face Insight Summit or forum meeting, or face-to-face workgroup meeting, you agree to pay any associated meeting fees as outlined on our Forum and Workgroup Policies page.

  18. Industry Partner and Allied Members whose membership has lapsed by more than 30 days may not attend any HTNG members-only function or face-to-face meeting, or participate in any members-only activity (except as permitted by workgroup policies), until they have renewed or reestablished their membership. Hospitality Members whose membership has lapsed by more than 90 days may not attend any HTNG members-only function or face-to-face meeting, or participate in any members-only activity (except as permitted by workgroup policies), until they have renewed or reestablished their membership. Members with balances due from invoices more than 90 days old may not attend any HTNG members-only function or meeting until all overdue invoices have been paid. This policy will apply even with respect to events for which the member has paid or agreed to pay, and refunds will only be given if the member cancels or withdraws at a time that, under the terms of the function, meeting or event, permits a refund.

  19. HTNG may modify these terms and conditions at any time by posting a new version on the HTNG website. New terms will be deemed accepted by the Member when (a) their membership is renewed; (b) the Member applies to participate in a workgroup or on a workgroup team or committee; (c) the Member applies to, or does, participate in a public HTNG interoperability demonstration; (d) the Member applies to participate in an optional HTNG marketing or promotional program; or (e) a Corporate Member, or employee thereof, requests authorization for additional or new individuals to receive access credentials.