Forum Chair Roles

A significant portion of the work created by HTNG comes through the efforts of the many members serving in our workgroups and forums. These efforts are coordinated through our forum leaders, who are established professionals from a number of the industry's leading companies around the world. Forum chairs are assisted by HTNG staff facilitators and event planners on administrative matters but are responsible for the content of forum meetings, which the most active HTNG contributors have described as the "heart and soul" of HTNG.

The forum chair role provides significant professional opportunities and benefits, including:

  • Influence to shape significant technological changes in the hospitality industry
  • Exposure to key players and decision makers from across the entire spectrum of hospitality technology
  • Showing your company’s commitment to the advancement of technology in our industry
  • The ability to structure new, relevant projects that will benefit your company, as well as the rest of the industry
  • Free registration at HTNG conferences and meetings held in your world region (and in most cases outside your region as well)

The forum chair responsibilities include:

  • Presiding at forum face-to-face meetings in your region (2-4 annually depending on forum and region)
  • Participating in 2-3 planning calls for each face-to-face forum meetings to provide input on location, length, agenda topics, and workgroup breakouts
  • Preparing the agenda and approving speakers for common portions of forum meetings
  • Organizing presentations regarding forum activities for HTNG member meetings
  • Reviewing quarterly workgroup scorecards and participating in scorecard reviews by the HTNG Board of Governors via conference call
  • Participating on calls between workgroup leaders and board advisors, subject to scheduling and agreement of the workgroup chair
  • Providing input to HTNG on the placement of workgroups into specific forums, through informal consultation with HTNG management and, in cases of dissent, formal written recommendations to the HTNG Board of Governors
  • Appointing, in consultation with relevant forum members, ad hoc teams to address short-term issues related to specifications not under the control of an active workgroup, but within the scope of the forum
  • Reviewing charters proposed by forum members prior to submission to the board (may not apply to charters developed with heavy participation from board members)