Descriptions - European Conference 2017


Attaining Optimal Performance Through People and Technologies

  • Ben Ryan, Fiji Rugby Sevens

Ben Ryan has been hailed as a national hero after leading the Fiji Rugby &s team to the country's first Olympic championship. He pioneered use of GPS technology in team sports, but was challenged when he went to the Fiji programme and had no technology to work with. This session will explain how using the proper tools in coaching teams can be the difference between success and failure. Ben will share with the audience his stories and experiences to illustrate how to use innovation successfully rather than simple innovating for the sake of it.


Blockchain and Hospitality

  • Charles Ehredt, Currency Alliance (Panelist)
  • Jakub Vysoky, Winding Tree (Panelist)
  • Brian Lewis, OpenJaw Technologies (Presenter)
  • Douglas Rice, Hospitality Technology Network (Moderator)

This session will cover the basics of blockchain technology at a strategic level, with guidance on key variations and the applications where they may make sense. It will also include overviews from two early adopters using blockchain to address the distribution and loyalty applications in travel.


The AI Age: How Will Machine Learning and Intelligence Impact Travel and Hospitality?

  • Kanishka Agiwal, IBM Corporation

The first conference on artificial intelligence was held in 1956. More than sixty years later, computing power has caught up with vision and is now becoming reality. Kanishka Agiwal Association Partner with the Travel and Transportation group at IBM will give us a glimpse into the near future and how it will affect our industry.


Blockchain Uses Cases Deep Dive

  • Charles Ehredt, Currency Alliance (Panelist)
  • Andrew Sanders, (Moderator)
  • Jakub Vysoky, Winding Tree (Panelist)

This session will explore in depth the blockchain use cases being addressed by Winding Tree (distribution) and Currency Alliance (loyalty), and explore the pros and cons of their different choices of blockchain architecture.


Getting the Most Benefit from your HTNG Membership

  • David Sjolander, HTNG

This session is intended for new members, members attending their first conference , or anyone who needs more information about how to access HTNG resources, such as workgroups, standards & specifications, white paper and webinars. If you're confused, curious, or just don't care about blockchain, hand out with Dave as he takes us through HTNG from A to Z (...or H to G)


How to Get Started with Blockchain

  • Denis Baranov, DataArt (Presenter)
  • Charles Ehredt, Winding Tree (Panelist)
  • Andrew Sanders, DataArt (Moderator)
  • Jakub Vysoky, Currency Alliance (Panelist)

Targeted at front-line leaders of development organizations, this session will provide tips and tricks for key decisions to make, what resources are available, and common pitfalls.


How Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Will Change Loyalty & Engagement for Hospitality

  • Chris Ruff, Driven Growth

While the rise of Pokemon Go may just be a fad of 2016/2017, the core augmented reality technologies that were showcased in it have had a lasting impact on most industries. Use of augmented reality (AR) is expected to proliferate, with the latest estimates at the industry growing to $120 billion in revenue by 2020. Creative uses of augmented reality and virtual reality (VR) are popping up at resorts and hotels of all sizes and types. This session will dig into how hotel brands can truly utilize VR and AR in better ways. Attendees will learn how VR can be used to increase brand loyalty as passionately as what was seen during the rise of the Pokemon Go in summer 2016; how to use the "pull" tech of AR/VR, where users request the experience, with beacon technology where messages and information are "pushed" to guests; and why it's so important for hoteliers to implement these technologies and differentiate themselves from the competition as they become mainstream. Through best practices and use cases from other vertical industries, attendees will take away from this session what can be done to harness this opportunity now as well as what is coming down the pike.


Are you Ready for GDPR?

  • Charles-Albert Helleputte, Mayor-Brown Europe

The implementation date for the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is only six months away. Are you ready? Attorney Charles-Albert Helleputte of global law firm Mayer Brown will provide a high-level overview of the new regulation. For more details, attend this afternoon's breakout session where you will have a chance to ask questions and dig in to the topic.


IT Leadership Panel

  • Ted Horner, E. Horner & Associates Pty Ltd (Moderator)

Top-level hotel IT executives will share how they see technology evolving in hotels in coming years. The panel will also discuss their biggest challenges, issues and concerns.


GDPR - Discussion and Drill Down

  • Charles-Albert Helleputte, Mayor-Brown Europe
  • Finn Schulz, Schulz Consulting

Following this morning's overview, Charles-Albert Helleputte will answer questions from moderator Finn Schulz and the audience.


Enhancing the Guest Experience with Central Authentication

  • Chris Headings, Sunray

Centralized authentication will reduce support calls, enable innovative branding opportunities, and increase guest satisfaction. Join HTNG's workgroup co-Chair Chris Headings to learn how to deploy this technology to your hotels, while maintaining security best practices & leveraging the infrastructure you already have.


Know Thy Enemy: Utilizing Machine Learning for Adaptive Security

  • Dobias Van Ingen, Aruba, an HPE Company

How can hotel security systems adapt to the ever changing landscape of threats? Security appliances are generating mountains of useful data, but you need to collect and act on this data almost instantaneously. Join this session to learn how continuous evaluation of threats against your hotel, brand and company through machine learning can keep your guests, staff and data safe.


All Systems Go: Hotel Systems Dashboard

  • Graeme Powell, Veridicum

HTNG’s Hotel Systems Dashboard co-Chair Graeme Powell will guide attendees through the team’s progress, including requirements focusing on three audiences: Corporate IT, Property IT, and General Managers.  The Dashboard will cover a holistic view of the property network, including: gateways, access points, core infrastructure and applications.  Join this session to learn valuable insights that could be integrated into your product roadmap today.


The IT Organization and its Relationship with the Business (Hoteliers)

  • Mike Blake, HTNG
  • Finn Schulz, Consultant
  • David Sjolander, HTNG (Moderator)

Every IT organization wants to be an effective partner with the rest of the company, but it is easier said than done. To complicate matters, the traditional IT organization structure may not be keeping pace with the rapid evolution of technology or the ever-expanding scope of technology usage in different parts of the business. As a result, "shadow IT" is inevitable and growing. In this session, we will discuss these issues and share with each other successes, failures, and ideas for improvement from a panel of leaders and your peers.