Other Ways To Be Involved

Not yet a member?  There are still ways you can keep up and benefit from HTNG's activities, and even participate in certain ones. 


HTNG Checks In

HTNG Checks In is published monthly by our Media Partner Hospitality Technology. Each issue is a great source to learn about all ongoings at HTNG and the hospitality industry. Find HTNG Checks In articles here.  


Download and Use HTNG Specifications

Ratified HTNG standards are freely downloadable and licensable from our Released Technical Specifications page. Use is subject to the license agreement. Please be aware that under that license, you may not use HTNG's name or logo (including using HTNG's name to describe your product, for example as an "HTNG Interface"), or claim compliance with our specifications, unless your product is certified through the HTNG Certification program, or as otherwise permitted by HTNG.

Use the Content in our Resources Section

We capitalize on the depth of knowledge of our members to produce a wide variety of reference material. Content that is at least partly available to nonmembers includes best practices, case studies, specification adoption info and more. Some of the content, such as the latest publications or our free webinar series, are only available to members.

Join our LinkedIn Discussion Group

Are you curious about how a technology is deployed, or could be deployed, in a hospitality environment? Maybe you wonder how others have managed through a similar technology challenge that you face at your hotel? Maybe you saw an article with surprising statements and are curious what others thought. Join our LinkedIn Discussion group to discuss topics within hospitality technology.

Sign up for Twitter Updates

HTNG tweets key data points from our meetings, notices about new members, articles of interest to hospitality technologists and notifications about conferences. Follow us on Twitter!

Compete in HTNG's TechOvation Awards

The TechOvation Award was created to recognize and reward technology innovation in the hospitality industry. The contest offers outstanding visibility and excellent promotional opportunities.

Participate In a Prospective Workgroup

When HTNG is considering the formation of a new workgroup, participation is open to all interested parties, including nonmembers, until the charter is formally submitted and approved by our board of directors. If a new HTNG workgroup is planning to address an issue that is important to you, you can participate in defining it, while deferring any commitment to membership until the workplan has been agreed and approved. You can view a list of ideas that are being considered and sign up to receive information when initial meetings commence. Visit our Prospective Workgroups page for more information and to sign up. Under certain circumstances, HTNG may allow nonmembers to participate in an active workgroup. If you are interested in joining a workgroup, please contact us.

Attend a HTNG Conference (Hoteliers Only)

If you are a full-time employee of a hotel company, you may be able to attend any of our global Conferences by paying a nominal registration fee. Vendors and other industry participants must hold memberships in order to attend our Conferences. For information, visit our Conferences page.

Attend an Insight Summit or Workgroup Meeting as a Guest

If you are considering joining HTNG and would like to see what our organization is all about, you may want to take advantage of a one-time opportunity to attend Insight Summit or workgroup meeting. To do this, please contact us with your request. A registration fee will apply. This option is only available once per person and per company.

Email Lists

Hotel Technology Next Generation has numerous channels of communication for nonmembers who wish to keep up with our association's work to benefit the hospitality industry. If you are not currently a member, but are interested in keeping up with HTNG to receive emailed information, complete the form below. Links for additional resources are published periodically in the newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

Before you complete this form, we suggest you view our List of Members to be sure that your company, or your parent company, is not already a corporate member. Corporate members of HTNG are entitled to enroll additional employees under their company's membership, in most cases at no additional charge. 

Please contact us to be added to our email list.