2017 Asia-Pacific Conference Sponsorships

HTNG is offering several rewarding sponsorships for the 2017 Asia-Pacific Conference. Don't miss out – secure yours today.

All Sponsorships Include

Companies must be members to sponsor

  • Two conference registrations for company employees (except the Suggest Your Own Sponsorship)
  • Logo recognition on HTNG conference website, signage and slides in the general session
  • Pre-event attendee list
  • 50% discount on exhibit fees (does not include an additional conference registration)
  • One complimentary guest hotelier conference registration

Platinum Member Benefits

Platinum members receive a 25% discount on sponsorship prices!

In addition, Platinum members are entitled to participate in an exclusive pre-sale opportunity where they can select sponsorships first! The pre-sale runs from 23 February - 16 March 2017.

Other members can apply during this time, and these order forms will be processed in the order received, after the Platinum Member pre-sale ends

Available Sponsorships

  • Sponsorship prices are listed below in US Dollars. Platinum member discounts apply.

This distinguished sponsorship includes an exclusive 15-minute commercial speaking opportunity during the general session. The Title Sponsor also receives a complementary exhibit, logo recognition in the general session and is the named sponsor of the Wednesday dinner.



The Diamond Sponsorship includes a 10-minute commercial speaking opportunity during the general session, and is the named sponsor of the Tuesday Welcome Reception where they may distribute light promotional items or display signage. 1 available.



These sponsorships each include a five-minute commercial speaking opportunity during the general session. Sapphire Sponsors receive a named lunch or cocktail reception where they may distribute light promotional items or display signage. 3 total available.



These sponsorships focus on recognition for the company by providing the opportunity to distribute either promotional literature or items to all attendees. Ruby Sponsors are the named sponsor of a breakfast or break. 4 total available.



This premiere branding opportunity ensures that the sponsor's company logo will be worn by every attendee providing exceptional visibility.



This sponsor receives full page recognition on the back cover of the conference program distributed to all attendees providing visibility and maximum shelf life.



HTNG will display this sponsor's logo near the registration desk and distribute its branded pens or similar item to attendees. In addition, the Registration Sponsor's logo will appear on HTNG’s conference registration site.



Showcase your company's products or take advantage of a great branding opportunity in the general session room.



Be creative! HTNG is offering members the opportunity to suggest their own sponsorship. Submit your sponsorship concept to HTNG for consideration. This sponsorship MAY include complimentary registrations.




  • Secure an exhibit space to promote your products and brand. Exhibits include a 3 m (10 ft.) wide x 1.8 m (6 ft.) deep x 2.4 m (8 ft.) high space containing a 1.8 m (6 ft.) table, two chairs, wireless internet and an electrical outlet.
  • 50% off if purchased in tandem with one of the above named sponsorships
  • 16 still available



Exhibit Spaces Available

Available Space

  • 1- XN Protel Systems
  • 2- Interel
  • 3- Cotell Intelligent Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.
  • 4- Ikusi
  • 5- Alcatel-Lucent
  • 6-
  • 7-
  • 8- MCOM Media Communications
  • 9-
  • 10-
  • 11-
  • 12-
  • 13-
  • 14- Samsotech
  • 15- NEC Corporation
  • 16- Exterity
  • 17- Entertainment Solutions
  • 18- DASAN Zhone Solutions
  • 19- DigiValet
  • 20-
  • 21-
  • 22-
  • 23-
  • 24-


Last updated on 15 May 2017