Session Descriptions

Hello Alexa…New Voices in the Guestroom Experience

As consumers, interacting with technology using the spoken word is becoming commonplace. Your phone, your car, and even your home are now responding to your requests and commands by speaking rather than typing, pressing a button, or throwing a switch. But what about the hotel room? In this session, Terence Ronson will interview three technology providers that are introducing voice-activated technologies to the guestroom. Is this the latest fad that will come and go or a permanent change to the guest experience?


IT Leadership Panel

Top-level hotel IT executives will share how they see technology evolving in hotels in coming years. The panel will also discuss their biggest challenges, issues and concerns.


Seven Secrets to Future-Proofing in the Age of Intelligence

We are living during the most extraordinary time ever in human history. The innovator’s dilemma is how can we innovate today for our customers’ needs of the future, which they don’t even realise they have yet! We are required to even “change the way we think about change,” to reinvent ourselves and our environment. Keynote speaker, Tariq Qureishy, CEO and Founder of MAD Talks and seasoned media professional with global organisations like Bloomberg, Dow Jones and The Times/Sunday Times, will take us on a fun and engaging journey into the future and share his practical secrets on future-proofing in these crazy and exciting times.


Ted’s Fireside Chat: A Conversation with Jai Govindani, CTO of Red Planet Hotels

The world of hospitality technology is very unique. It often feels like a small family of people that know each other, like each other, and help each other. On the other hand, we don’t hear and learn enough from people outside the industry. Jai Govindani, CTO for Red Planet Hotels and a recent addition to the HTNG Board of Governors, is an outsider with fresh ideas from other industries. He is outspoken and often controversial, but a person we should be listening to. In this session, Ted Horner will sit down one-on-one with Jai to discuss what we need to change in order to catch-up with our peers in other industries.


Tomorrowland: Technologies Disrupting the Future of Hospitality

Emerging technology trends shape the way we travel. Through the rise of techs like artificial intelligence, conversational commerce and digital realities, we see traveler behavior transformed. We also see raised expectations for – and an ability to execute on – enhanced personalization and convenience in shopping, merchandising and service. Awareness of the rapidly changing tech landscape will help provide new opportunities for hoteliers who choose to engage it. Discover the latest technology trends and learn about their use cases throughout the full traveler journey in this exciting look at the future as forecasted by Sabre Labs’ Mark McSpadden.


Virtual Reality for Hotels: What’s Proven and What’s Next?

Virtual Reality (VR) and 360 video are immersive media that are transforming how brands showcase themselves online and in hardware headsets from Oculus, HTC, Samsung, and Google. How are hotel companies using this for sales, training, digital content, and more? Learn about the latest in VR for hotels, how it relates to augmented and mixed reality, and what’s in store in 2018.