Marcelino Moreno Biography
Marcelino Moreno

Marcelino Moreno

CTO & Head of Product, GuestU

Started his career as a consultant for Transportation and Mobility Services, where managed several projects with a budget of €1+ M. Created a new business unit for Operations Management and Public Information and implemented innovative solutions, such as a car-sharing one-way solution, a system to manage urban mobility based on image recognition and a real-time dispatch solution for public transport companies in an SaaS model.

Later co-founded 2 companies that develop solutions for City Mobility and Tourism based on a SaaS model. Some of the products include a solution for understanding mobility patterns, public information solutions based on mobile apps, operations management based on SaaS and a platform for building city guides for sightseeing operations. With customers in Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo, San Francisco and Miami, the company was acquired by a local player in Mobility Solutions.

Currently his mission as CTO @GuestU is to understand travelers behavior and help them have a better experience at their destinations, by providing amazing data to all the players that can contribute to improving their stay.

Used to building multi-disciplinary teams from scratch, managing teams of 20+ people and working with partners in order to have all the necessary skills to achieve a goal.

Some of his products have been featured in Springwise, Fortune, the New York Times and Huffington Post.