Joost Demarest Biography
Joost Demarest

Joost Demarest

CTO/CFO, KNX Association

Since 1992 repsonsible for Certification of Home and Building Control Equipment on the basis of the EIB protocol, since 2001 on the basis of the KNX technology.

Secretary of the KNX Technical Board, KNX Certifcation Group and KNX Excutive Board; member of the KNX Working Group Interworking.

Since June 2006 Director System & Administration KNX Association. Member of the following international standardization committees:
  • CENELEC TC205 ‘Home and Building Electronic Systems’: as representative from the CENELEC Cooperating partner KNX, as Belgian delegate
  • CEN TC247 ‘Building Automation Control Systems’ – Belgian delegate
  • CEN TC249 ‘Metering’ – Belgian delegate
  • ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 ‘Home Electronic Systems’ – Belgian delegate
  • IEC TC57 WG21 ‘Interfaces and protocol profiles relevant to systems connected to the electrical grid’ as representative from liaison organization KNX