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2017 Winner: Angie by Angie Hospitality 

Angie is the world's first voice-based guestroom assistant and integrated room-control device, featuring a highly intuitive multi-lingual voice interface that responds to guest/staff requests, and route via SMS/email, call or directly into existing hotel systems. Angie integrates with lighting, thermostat, telephone, TV systems, room service, housekeeping amenities, provides local information and much more. Using robust in-room access points, Angie provides secure, customizable in-room Wi-Fi, allowing all guest devices to seamlessly interoperate.

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2016 Winner: Interel Water Management System 

Interel’s WMS (Water Management System) is the world’s first, TCP-IP based hospitality guestroom water management solution which includes; the WMS Water Control Unit: which allows the WMS solution to be online and control single or groups of guestroom basin and shower water temperatures and flows as well as monitor water consumption to optimize guest experience and water usage/savings. The WMS Electromechanical Valves which delivers precise, intuitive and attractively designed capacitive touch, icon-based guestroom basin and shower control panels.

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2015 Winner: Interel connectBsmart

The Interel connectBsmart solution is an online, beacon-as-infrastructure hospitality solution. This framework is built into the proven Interel technology platform and the first generation of powered, networked Bluetooth beacons. The fleet of beacons is now manageable and future-proof through upgrades and re-configurations, both critical for maintaining cross-platform compatibility. Communication to mobile devices is broadcast dynamically, with highest performance and without battery life limitations, enhancing communication between guest and hotel. For more information, view our press release.

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2013 Winner: InnSpire Guest Media Streaming


InnSpire's Guest Media Streaming lets your hotel guests stream their movies, photos and music to the TV in their hotel room. All wirelessly, natively and hassle free, through the InnSpire box. InnSpire supports iOS, Miracast and DLNA, which means smooth, easy and setup-free streaming for the guests. It's so easy – guests simply click on the Stream-icon on the TV in the room to activate the function, then wirelessly connect their own iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Windows phone, etc, choose their content and stream! No downloads, no setup, just pure entertainment! For more information, view our press release.

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2012 Winner: Quadriga Worldwide Personal Media Network™

Quadriga’s Personal Media Network™ app helps hotels optimize their HSIA/WiFi network infrastructure and enable guests to more efficiently stream content to the in-room TV. This provides hotels with a means of reducing the costs mobile devices and streaming place on the hotel’s network infrastructure in order to meet guest content streaming demands. PMN pairs the TV, phone, pad and laptop, and makes content stored on the guest device or VOD system portable throughout the hotel WiFi area. This enables movies, videos, photos, music, and TV programming to be viewed across all visual appliances from anywhere within the hotel WiFi area. For more information, view our press release.

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2011 Winner: Philips MediaSuite Hotel TV


The Philips MediaSuite Hotel TV range has been launched as the first and only dedicated SmartTV for the hospitality industry. Available in EMEA, this new range of Hotel TVs offers guests a whole new world of online apps like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Catch-up TV, local and international news, weather, games and much more. There’s no longer the need for a Set-Top-Box, nor heavy head-end investments, reducing the overall TCO for a hotel drastically. Philips’ Award-Winning CoCreation Expert Team has co-created the MediaSuite prior launch and helped Philips gain invaluable insights into launching this new and innovative product range. For more information, view our press release.

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2010 Winner: Intelity ICE Touch on iPads

Intelity is a hospitality software solution company focused on the self-service marketplace. Following Apple's iPad introduction, Intelity developed a guest interface for it. First deployed in September 2010 at New York's Royalton Hotel, it's now at the Plaza, Mondrian and Philadelphia's Hilton Inn at Penn. ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™) Touch on iPads presents hotel guests with the full array of thirty hotel services - such as in-room dining, turn downs, wake-ups, housekeeping and transportation requests and more. Each guestroom has an iPad. ICE Touch on iPads is designed to raise the level of quality guest service and to streamline hotel efficiency. For more information, view our press release.


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2009 Winner: MTech REX Room Expeditor


REX is the first application to revolutionize the housekeeping room assignment process and effectively change how room attendants work. They no longer receive a board with rooms to clean, instead, they are presented an iPod Touch which lists (in their native language) -- the most important room to clean based on hotel defined criteria like room rush, VIP status, room type, etc. Proven in union environments and integrated to the PMS and energy management, REX saves a great deal of otherwise wasted effort ($) and gets guests into rooms faster. For more information, view our press release.

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